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Nora Amin
interculturalism, interdisciplinarity, ritual
Performing Arts (education, performance, physical theatre, theatre)
Written and spoken word (drama)
Africa, Northern, Asia, Southeast
Egypt, Indonesia
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January 22, 2004
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La Musica Independent Theatre Group

Director Nora Amin speaks of the performance " The English Lover"

Founded in Cairo, in January 2000, by actress, director and writer, Nora Amin, La Musica Independent Theatre Group focuses on new forms of theatre expression intersecting with literature, visual arts, movement, dance and film. Nora Amin is interested in discovering new forms of theatrical expression, representing autobiographies and biographies creating physical metaphors. La Musica organises international workshops, exchanges and collaborations. The group also works in non-traditional venues, with site-specific projects, with nonperformers and performers, with intercultural performances and interdisciplinary projects. With the use of techniques derived from physical theatre and ritual, literary and poetic structures, improvisation and abstract theatre, La Musica pays special attention to issues of gender and personal experience.
One of my favourite playwrights is Marguerite Duras. I have performed two of her scripts, La Musica Deuxième and L´amante Anglaise. I translated both texts three years ago into colloquial Arabic and the two have been published in a single volume. I later staged them at the Cairo Experimental Theatre Festival.
Themes such as death, oppression, repression, solitude, love and opposition have been the basis of my work. I would very much like to get rid of them and focus on other themes but don´t know how to.
From my experience in the independent theatre community I think what we need most is not artistic talent - we have that - but to manage, distribute and promote much better. I am the first woman from the Middle East to have this opportunity and my plan is to pass on what I learn to independent theatre groups in Egypt. I am emptying my apartment and turning it into an office with a fax machine and a computer for the use of any independent theatre group. It is something that I´ve wanted to do for three years now.
Nora Amin
Author: Odin Teatret


Nora Amin was born in Cairo in 1970. She is a writer, performer and theatre director. Currently she is working in arts management. She graduated from the Faculty of Art at Cairo University having studied French and Comparative Literature. She has directed ten plays, written seven and performed in twenty different productions and in eight short films. In Roots in Transit Nora is accompanied by Maysa Zaki and Ahmad Alsalakawy.


The English Lover

Production / Performance,
A crime committed close to Paris is the object of The English Lover, the book that Marguerite Duras wrote in 1967.The body of the victim was torn to pieces and the pieces were thrown down from the top of a viaduct onto the passingcommercial trains that travelled in different directions. The pieces of the body were therefore later found all around France. The author reconstructs the story imagining a kind of interview with the people implied. The performance presents the last police interrogation of Claire Lannes, the woman who confessed murdering her deaf and dumb female cousin for no apparent reason. The police officer, sometimes the echo of her inner mind, sometimes the representative of the spectators, will try to guide us through the mysterious imagination of this lonely woman, her strange relation to her husband, her alienation, and her own fantasies of love and death. Perhaps somewhere in that long uneven dialogue, in the silence, or in the gestures, resides the logic of the secret madness and brilliance of many of us. Of Claire, Duras says: “She knows nothing, only the things she herself invents.” The novel ends with Claire’s sentence to the interviewer, “In your place I would listen. Listen to me.” Actors: Maysa Zaki, Ahmad Alsalakawy Director: Nora Amin Text: Marguer?te Duras (translated into Arabic by Nora Amin) Music composition: Nader Sami Funded by the Royal Netherlands Cultural Fund


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Roots in Transit IV

Women´s International Theatre Festival and Meeting

(15 January 04 - 25 January 04)


Odin Teatret