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September 14, 2007
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Viktor Karamushka


Environmental Scientist

Viktor Karamushka is an environmental expert from the Black Seas region. He is based in Ukraine where his work with the UNDP-GEF Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project (BSERP) engages specialists, communities and residents of the Black Sea coast and raises awareness of declining environmental conditions in the region. He attended the Arts and Science Encounter of Europe Now/Europe Next in Odessa in 2007 and gave a persentation of his work which of considerable importance to both artistic and scientific communities on the coast of the sea. He is also a photographer.
Karamushka graduated from Kyiv State University in 1979 as Biophysicist and was deeply involved in research in the field of Life and Environmental Science (1979 – 1994). He started his career in the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine (1994-1999) and worked on the Environmental Policy and Management. He participated in the development of many national and international legislative acts on environment protection. Since that he was involved in number of international environmental programs and projects like the Black Sea Environmental Program, 1994-1998; Environmental Performance Review for Lithuania and Montenegro, 1997, 2006; USA Peace Corps Environmental Program, 1999-2003; UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project, 2004, and others.
Scientific results and practical contribution to the protection of the environment are reflected in his publications (more than 120 including scientific papers, abstracts, books, and educational manuals).
Currently he is lecturing the Ecology and Environmental Psychology in the Institute of Post-Graduate Educational Studies (Kyiv) and working for international environmental projects (UK Small Environmental Projects Scheme and UNDP-GEF Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project).
Photography is his Number One hobby. Personal photo exhibitions (Distant and Close World, 2005; Mediterrania, 2006; Capitals in Twilight, 2007) presented his way of seeing naturally and human created spaces we are living in.
Author: Adam Jeanes


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