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September 15, 2007
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Adrienne Goehler


Adrienne Goehler

One of Europe´s most prominent cultural debaters

Adrienne Goehler is a former Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin and one of Europe’s foremost cultural debaters.
She studied German and Romance literature and languages in Freiburg and Psychology in Hamburg. During 1986-1989 Adrienne served as a deputy in the Hamburg Parliament as part of the women’s fraction of the GAL (Grüne Alterative Liste). And after that for 12 years she headed the academy of fine arts (Hochschule für bildendeKünste) in Hamburg. In 2002-2006 she was curator for the ’Hauptstadt Kulturfonds (cultural capital fonds) of Berlin. She is an author of the book Verflüssigungen. Wege und Umwege vom Sozialstaat zur Kulturgesellschaft, which has been recently published by Campus Verlag. In her book Adrienne Goehler shows, that the experts of change and the specialists for transitions and ambivalences work in the area of art and science. Since 2006 she works as a freelance curator and publicist in Berlin.
Author: Intercult


Art to the rescue

Exhibition / Installation,
The "Art goes Heiligendamm" G8 exhibition initiated by Adrienne Goehler, deals with irony, utopia and overcoming borders.


Published Written,
Wege und Umwege vom Socialstaat zur Kulturgesellschaft published by Campus Verlag

Manifesta Coffee Break

Informal public brainstorming session The Manifesta Coffee Break is an informal public brainstorming session, leading up to Manifesta 6, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Focusing on art education The Manifesta Coffee Break will attempt to consider the possibilities and problems of art education, engaging participants and audiences with the issues at hand: goals and structure of a school, its ideological contexts, its possibilities for relevant cultural production, its relationship to social, political and geographical conditions, and the level of its discursive involvement. Participants included Adrienne Goehler


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Black/North SEAS

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Art goes Heiligendamm

Art to the Rescue!