Anna Zadros Hansen

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Anna Izabela Zadros Hansen
communication, globalisation, multi-culturalism, pop-culture, spirituality
Visual Arts (drawing, graphic, painting)
Europe, Eastern, Europe, Nordic
Poland, Denmark
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May 30, 2003
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Anna Zadros Hansen


Artist on her work

I perform in representational and abstract form.Betwen miniature and monumental records. Between analysis, complication of the form and synthesis. I am deeply involved in regarding and viewing things and phenomena from the side of meaning and belonging. I "translate" these phenomena and things into a symbolic language by means of different kinds of signs and contemporary hieroglyphs. These signs and symbols I use are those which accompnay our everyday life, which are easily recognized and understandable as long as they exist in their "natural environment" ie: read signs , music notes , phonetic symbols in text analysis and "big " is elephant, "gold" means richness , and "loud " means ""shout". I cut them out from their original background and present them, accompanied by symbols " from another tale or nature" adding my own encoded language of simple forms. I create in this way in series of pictures and silkscreens called " Exorcisms " which has its own specific atmosphere and poetry.
Author: Anna Zadros Hansen


Anna Zadros Hansen was born in Poland in 1966 and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996. Zadros Hansen attended the Academy for Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland where she obtained a degree in graphic art and painting. At present , Zadros Hansen is connected to Gallery Shambala in Copenhagen and Gallery Munken in Loekken. She has an atelier at "Kulturfabriken " in Copenhagen.


1994 & 1992 Academy Of Fine Arts Award " Strzeminski Konkurrence"


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Artists in Transit

(01June01 - 01September01)


Shambala Gallery

Gallery Munken

For the beast fiend in the world
Things I
Things II
Translacje II

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