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September 23, 2003
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Tijen Lawton
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Developing Dance

An actress and dancer with new visions

Tijen Lawton was born in Vienna to a British father and a Turkish mother, and raised in Austria, Italy and Turkey, and later made her home in Great Britain. She studied dance and music at the Arts Educational School in London and at the London Contemporary Dance School. Lawtons interests included research into the areas of dance and a wil to develop new visions with her art.
In 1991 she co-founded Foco Loco, a company that concentrated on research and development in every area of dance. In 1992 she joined Emma Carlsson & dancers and toured Great Britain and Germany with the performance Inner Corner. In 1996 she came to Brussels to work on several productions by Pierre Droulers: Les Beaux Jours (1996), Lilas (1997) and Multum in Parvo (1998), followed by international tours. In the meantime she worked on the first two choreographic pieces of her own: Les petites formes (1997) which contained Je n’ai jamais parlé and Les Beaux Jours and Plus fort que leurs voix aiguës (1998).

Her collaboration with Jan Lauwers started with her work as an actress and dancer in the revival of Caligulaand in Morning Song.Since then she has been a constant presence in Needcompany productions. She has appeared in Needcompany’s King Lear, Images of Affection and Goldfish Game, the first full-length film by Jan Lauwers and De Filmfabriek. She also appears in Few Things and (AND), the latest creation by Grace Ellen Barkey and Needcompany.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Tijen Lawton was born in Vienna and raised in Austria, Italy and Turkey. She later moved to Great Britain where she studied dance and music at the Arts Educational School in London from 1984 to ‘88 and at the London Contemporary Dance School from 1988 to ‘91. During this latter course she spent a year at the prestigious Juillard School in New York. She participated in various dance workshops in Paris and Istanbul. Tijen Lawton now works and tours with Needcompany in Belgium.


Images of Affection

Production / Performance,
With Needcompany


Production / Performance,
created by Gracee Ellen barkey and Needcompany

Few Things

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