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beauty, border, home, living, spirituality, transformation, transition
Performing Arts (theatre)
Europe, Eastern, Europe, Nordic
Poland, Sweden
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May 30, 2003
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Piotr Cieplak


Piotr Cieplak

Stage director Piotr Cieplak was born in 1960 in Poland. He belongs to the first generation of stage dreictors to be educated after the transition in 1989. His debut was made in Torun as an actor in one act plays by A.Fredo. Since then Cieplak has worked as a director in Warsaw at the Dramatyczny Theatre and Rozmaitosci Theatre. Piotr Cieplak directed "The Rape of Europe" which was critically acclaimed in "Landscape X - Euralien", Stockholm (1998).
Author: Yuliana Yankova


Hotel Europa: Hotel Angels

Production / Performance,
A performance in the framework of the project Hotel Europa. Produced by Intercult, Stockholm, in partnership with Studio Theatre, Poland. Hotel Europa was a site-specific landscape on tour in Europe 2000-2001. Co-produced with Wiener Festwochen, Festival d´Avignon, Bologna 2000, Bonner Biennale 2000. Co-directed by 10 of the finest European performing arts professionals, rooted in the Balkans and the Baltics. "Hotel is a transition spot. Spiritual CheckPoint ´Charlie´. Is is The End or The Beginning? We see a woman who seems to be at her end. In the cupboard lives an angel, or maybe he is her angel who follows her steps. We are witnessing the dramatic and comic process of exorcising her life. In the end they open the window and fly away." (Piotr Cieplak)

Such a Ballad

Production / Performance,
Studio Theatre

A Story about Paradise Lost or It´ll Get Better

Production / Performance,
An open air performance

Kubus P.

Production / Performance,
After A.A.Milne. Production of Studio Theatre Warsaw.

The Snake´s Skin

Production / Performance,
By S.Snajder. Rozmaitosci Theatre

The Rape of Europe

Production / Performance,
Part of Landscape X - Euralien, a production of Intercult, Stockholm.


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Hotel Europa

(01 October 99 - 31 December 00)

Landscape X

(01 May 98 - 31 December 98)


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Hotel Europa: Hotel Angels