Andrzej Karmasz

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Visual Arts (body art, painting, photography)
Europe, Eastern
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July 18, 2007
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 Andrzej Karmasz
Andrzej Karmasz, Self-portrait - Yang Kuei Fei, 2005 c-print, 120x150 cm (fot. Makoto Murata)


Divulging in-between

Andrzej Karmasz is engaged in photography and painting. His works are an exemplification of feminization of a male body and a blur of gender attribute. During the stay in Japan Karmasz made a series of self-portraits with a common denominator: on all the pictures the artist had a characterization that made him look like women of different cultures . Very important is the process of transformation, penetration of culture and attempt of personification into strange, both cultural and sexual identity.


Karmasz was born in 1976 in Gdansk, Poland. In 2003 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (atelier of prof. Hugon Lasecki).


Selected group exhibitions:

Exhibition / Installation,
2007- 12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07 2006- Soft Love?, Modelarnia, Gdansk 2006 - Convince yourself, galeria austriacka, Warszawa 2005 - Egocentric. Immoral. Obsolete. Wspolczesne wizerunki artystow, Zacheta, Warszawa 2004 - Open the door, Seira Gallery, Tokio 2003 - Supermarket Sztuki IV - Globalne zauroczenie, Dom Artysty Plastyka, Warszawa 2003 - Spaces of commonplaceness, Stadtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen 2003 - V Krajowa Wystawa Malarstwa M?odych, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw 2002 ? Friends from the seaside, Hala 89A, Gdansk 2002 - Fish Eye 2, Baltycka Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Slupsk 2002 - From Dunedin With Love, Community Art Gallery, Dunedin, Nowa Zelandia 2001 - XXXV Krajowa Wystawa Malarstwa Bielska Jesien 2001, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko-Biala 2000 ? Ticket from Gdansk, Galeria KOLO ZPAP, Gdansk

Selected individual exhibitions:

Exhibition / Installation,
2006 - Moving, Gallery re:wizja, BSCC, Gdansk 2005- Hybrids, Gallery Le Guern, Warszawa 2004 - Hybrids, Gallery PWW, Zielona Gora 2003 - Definitely malefemale, Galeria KOLO ZPAP, Gdansk


2004-2006 - Japanese Government Scholarship - Monbukagakusho, Japan