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conflict, Humour, identity, interculturalism, migration, site specific, war
Performing Arts (theatre)
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Macedonia (FYR), Sweden
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May 30, 2003
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Dritero Kasapi


Double act in interculture

Dritero Kasapi was educated as a stage director, but has since the early years of his professional life also been engaged as a cultural organiser. His mixed cultural background - Albanian-Macedonian - was further enriched by him migrating to Sweden, and has become the basis for his activism in intercultural dialogue, both on stage and on the organisational level of art.
Two of the first international projects Kasapi took part in were Euralien - Asylum (1998) and Hotel Europa (2000), both produced by Intercult, Stockholm. Since then, he often directs international co-productions, or stages works which explore the themes of migration, existence in the context of conflict or on the margins of society.
In one of his recent works, Boy with a Suitcase, Kasapi depicts the story of a 12 year old war refugee, who undertakes a long journey to an asylum country with nothing but a suitcase containing few belongings, and the stories his family had told him when he was a child. Through his reading of Mike Kenny´s play Kasapi searches beyond the anonymous statistics of refugee children that are normally all the insight a society would reach into this problem. He explores the dreams, emotions and identity challenges of these children, making them personal and real to the society´s perception. However, the message of this production extends beyond the theatrical language, exhibiting Kasapi´s actvism also as an Artistic Director of the producing theatre in Gottsunda. In connection to the performance, a group of local refugee children worked with a drama pedagog to create an art exhibition, expressing their dreams of the future and thoughts on identity.
Another recent work by Kasapi, Svennebygrän, portrays the life of four suburb kids and is performed in slang. The characters wonder lost and aimless on the outskirts of a city, dreaming to get away from their rootlessness, drug addictions, homelessness and love broken hearts - dreaming of something else.
As Artistic Director at Gottsunda Dance & Theatre, Dritero Kasapi initiated and co-organised the project Nya Pjäsar, Nya Världar, together with Intercult, Stockholm and 4 other cultural organisations in Sweden. The project started with a playwright competition, where Swedish residents of different cultural background submitted their ideas for a play. The project´s aim was to give a voice to a considerable part of the population, which was not proportionately represented in theatre creation and audiences. The authors of the selected 6 ideas consequently collaborate with professional dramaturgs to develop and realise their proposals.
Dritero Kasapi has recently joined the platform Black/North SEAS as an artist to create a collaborative production.
Author: Yuliana Yankova


Dritero Kasapi was born in 1975 in Macedonia. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Department of Stage Directing in Skopje, Macedonia.
Before moving to Sweden he was active as a founder and artistic director of the Children Theatre Centre in Skopje, freelance theatre director working and presenting in Macedonia, different countries in the Balkans, Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Italy and Sweden, as well as writer and director for TV series.
Presently Kasapi lives and works in Sweden. Since January 2005 he is Artistic Director at Gottsunda Dance & Theatre and is involved in numerous cultural projects in Sweden and abroad: as participant at Dropping Knowledge – Table of Free Voices in Berlin September, 2006; as Board member at Assitej Sweden; as Member of the artistic board of the International Theatre Festival - MOT in Skopje, Macedonia 2003-2006; and Member of the reference group for theatre at the Cultural Department of Stockholm City.



Production / Performance,
by Inga Lausund. Production of Smålands Musik & Teater, premiere in Februari 2007


Production / Performance,
By Manuel Cubas. Produced by Gottsunda Dans & Teater.

Boy with a Suitcase

Production / Performance,
By Mike Kenny. Produced by Gottsunda Dans & Teater.

Inspector General

Production / Performance,
By Gogolj. Produced by National Theatre of Bosnia, Sarajevo.

Short lecture about love for begginers

Production / Performance,
by Kim Mehmeti Budva Summer Festival, Montenegro, part of the Project 5 - a theatre omnibus of 5 directors from ex-Yugoslavia.

Next Stop Atlantis

Production / Performance,
Devised work. Co-produced by Upsala City Theatre - Sweden, Volcano Theatre Company - Great Britain, CTC-Macedonia.

Dick Tracy and the Mystery of Igor

Production / Performance,
By Ognen Georgievski. Produces by MESS - Festival of Experimental Theatre - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Hotel Europa: Room Service

Production / Performance,
A site-specific landscape on tour in Europe 2000-2001. Co-produced with Wiener Festwochen, Festival d´Avignon, Bologna 2000, Bonner Biennale 2000. Co-directed by 10 of the finest European performing arts professionals, rooted in the Balkans and the Baltics. Dritero Kasapi created one of the"rooms" in Hotel Europa. His performance Room Service reflects on revenge, guilt and forgiveness.


Macedonian National Festivals´ first prize for TV directing (2001)
Finalist at the Prix de Jeunesse (2000)
Axiem Award for excellence in TV directing (USA, 2000)
Most successful student of the generation in the University of Skopje (February 1999)
First Prize at the Balkan Theatre Festival in Sliven, Bulgaria (1997)


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Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

(02 December 05 - 31 December 10)


Hotel Europa

Website of the project Hotel Europa, in which Dritero Kasapi took part.
Paradise Tomorrow
Paradise Tomorrow
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Boy with a Suitcase
Boy with a Suitcase