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Europe, Nordic
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September 14, 2007
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Polar Research Scientist

"My wife likes to call me a polar researcher...she thinks that makes me sound more sexy than a population ecologist." Ronny Aanes works at the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), in Tromsö, Norway. As a population ecologist his major expertise is to understand the mechanisms underlying temporal and spatial variation in population fluctuations, and how much of this that can be explained by environmental variation.
He started his research career studying predator-prey interactions, looking into the relationship between the animals that kill, and those being killed. In 1998 he became research fellow at the NPI located in Longyearbyen (78 degrees North) on Svalbard. During his 3-year stay in Longyearbyen he wrote his doctoral thesis on population dynamics in time and space. His wife is Siri Hermansen, who he met while she was an artist in residency in Ny-Alesund on Svalbard. He has found that a crossroad exists between hard core science, contemporary art and perceptions.
His main research interest is how variations/changes in climate affect species and/or parts of ecosystems.
In Odessa in April 2007, he presented a paper about his work to the Arts and Science Encounter of Europe Now/Europe Next, highlighting parallels as he saw them between his scientific study and the art of his wife.
Author: Adam Jeanes


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