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July 28, 2003
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Anita Nair
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Witty voice from India

Anita Nair is one of India´s remarkable female writers. She exposes the conditions of women with wit and humour. Her novels and writings, including cookbooks, deals with all facets of female life.
Opposite many other Indian writers with success in the West, Anita Nair not only lives in India, but also publishes her books here.

Her career as a writer started in the beginning of the 1990ies. with novels and articles published in papers and radio. Her first book is the collection of novels ´Satyr of the Subway´ (1997).

Thereafter followed her novel ´The Better Man´ (2000) which also has been published in Europe and USA. In 2002 appeared the collection of poems ´Malabar Mind, and in 2003 ´Where the Rain is Born - Writings about Kerala´ which she has edited.

Anita Nair´s second novel ´Ladies Coupé´ from 2001, has turned out to be an even greater success than the first both among critics and readers in so far 15 countries outside India: from USA to Turkey, from Polen to Portugal. In 2002 it was elected as one of the five best in India. The novel is about women´s conditions in a male dominated society, told with great insight, solidarity and humour.

Part-time parent, part-time advertising writer and full-time epicure, she lives in Bangalore, India with her husband who works in advertising as well and their son. Anita Nair is currently working on a book of Indian Myths and World Myths for Puffin India.

Extract from review on ´The Better Man´ by Alka Nigam in India Today:

"Rich in local colour, the undercurrents that run beneath the seemingly idyllic surroundings of the sleepy village are explored in fluid prose. Anita Nair has proved her mettle by fathoming the deepest recesses of man´s psyche and pulling it out neatly on the surface. She will go a long way".

Review by Priyanka Singh in Sunday Tribune:

"The Better Man" is reflective of the moral fibre of society. Besides being a statement of courage, "The Better Man" is a victory of human will over human weaknesses".
Author: Karin Bergquist


Anita Nair was born in Kerala and grew up in Chennai, Madras, India. She lives today in Bangalore with her husband and son.

She has a B.A. in English language and literature and has worked as a journalist and a copywriter.


´Where the Rain is Born - Writings about Kerala

Published Written,
A collection of poems, which Anita Nair has edited. A combination of essays, short stories, poems and extracts from published works both in English and Malayalam-including perennial favourites like Chemmeen and The Legends of Khasak ? this anthology affords a tantalizing glimpse into the rich and varied layers of experience that Kerala has to offer.

Malabar Mind

Published Written,
A collection of poems. In Malabar Mind, Anita Nair´s debut collection of poems, landscapes and mindscapes are explored with a rare fluid ease. Love, failure, humor, irony, lust, hope, anguish; beaches, crows, but journeys, hospitals, just about every aspect of the human existence finds a place in this collection of poems written over a decade.

Ladies Coupé

Published Written,
Anita Nair´s second novel from 2001, has turned out to be an even greater success than her first. Can a woman stay single and be happy, or does a woman need a man to feel complete? The story of a woman´s search for strength and independence.

The Better Man

Published Written,
Anita Nair´s first novel has also been published in Europe and USA. A haunting first novel that announces the arrival of a major new talent. Rich in social detail and written with remarkable ease and restraint, this is a first novel of rare sophistication.

Satyr of the Subway

Published Written,
Anita Nair´s first book is a collection of novels.


In 2002 Anita Nair´s second novel ´Ladies Coupé´ from 2001 was elected as one of the five best books of the year in India.


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