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Sten Källman, Marianne N´Lemvo Lindén, Lotta Sjölin Cederblom, Raul Lara, Martin Brandqvist, Johan Ohlsson, Stefan Bergman, Andreas Falk
diversity, roots, vodou
Music (Afro-cuban, fusion, jazz, world jazz)
Europe, Nordic, America, Caribbean, Middle East
Sweden, Haiti, Cuba, Israel
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December 16, 2003
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Vodoo Beat

Music at the Crossroads

Simbi make their own blend of magical vodoosongs from Haiti. By mixing this music with afrocuban percussion, jazz and rock; Simbi forms a powerful and distinctively different kind of worls music.
Simbi is music at the crossroads. Affectionately known by their Haitian fans as the "Blueyeyed Haitians", Simbi performans concernts as well as lenghty danceclubgigs, but also give workshops for schools and choirs. Their music emphasized creole culture, in an age of migration and globalization. All songs are in Creole and most of their songs are arrangments of traditional vodoo songs.
Simbi doesnt only reproduce sounds but contributes to the music movement with idiosyncratic sounds arrangements and new arrangements.
Sten Källman, the instigator behind Simbi is a folkmusician and teacher. Källman studied music at the University of Gothenburg and has been a professional musician since then. He participated in an exchange program to Haiti in 1970-71 which resluted in a life long love affair with Haitian culture and music and the creole langiage which Källman learned to speak dutrung his stay. Källman guides Simbi to play Haitian Roots Music with a personal and approach to the tradition.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Simbi, is based in Gothenburg , Sweden. Simbi is made up of Marianne N´Lemvo Lindén, vocals and percussion, Lotta Sjölin Cederblom, vocals and percussion, Sten Källman, sporano and baritone saxophone, vocals and percussion, Raul Lara, cuban percussion, Martin Brandkvist, drums, alto saxophone, percussion, Stefan Bergman, bass and percussion and Andreas Falk; guitar and percussion. Simbi has been touring all over Sweden as well as several tours to Haiti, USA, Canada and West Africa. Sten Källman is the founder of Simbi.



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Simbis 3rd album

Vodou Beat

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