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Mike Wooldridge
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Reports from burning conflicts

Journalist Mike Wooldridge has produced brave foreign news reportages from burning conflicts around the world.
Fearless and tireless, Mike Wooldridge has reported on serious political and humanitarian crises. Now he is BBC´s World Affairs Correspondent.

He has spent lengthy periods in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has travelled to Guantanamo Bay with the United States military and to Bali for the nightclub bombing.

He was also part of the team responsible for covering the Zimbabwe election from the South African border.

Mike has furthermore been to Malawi to make a Radio 4 documentary on the response to famine.

In 1978 Mike became a news reporter and in the same year reported on an earthquake in Tabas, Iran, in which more than 20,000 died.

In this role Mike was responsible for covering a number of other foreign assignments, such as the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in Egypt.

In early 1982 Mike became the BBC´s East Africa Correspondent and at the beginning of 1989 he moved to Johannesburg to become the BBC´s South Africa Correspondent.

During this period he reported first hand for Radio and Television News on some of the biggest humanitarian crises, tragedies and momentous events Africa has faced in recent times. These include the Ethiopian famine of the mid-80s, the civil wars, famines and refugee crises in Sudan, Somalia, Angola and Mozambique and the political upheavals in Uganda.

He was also involved from the mid-80s in covering the growing resistance to apartheid in South Africa and its impact on all South Africa´s communities, the release of Nelson Mandela and its aftermath.

He finally returned to Britain at the end of 1990 to become Religious Affairs Correspondent and immediately found himself in Australia covering an assembly of the World Council of Churches in advance of the Gulf War.

For six years he travelled throughout Britain and more widely reporting on the influence of religion today, in particular exploring religion and conflict.

At the end of 1996 Mike went to Delhi to become South Asia Correspondent.

It was a momentous period in the history of the region and in his first year he was reporting on the 50th anniversary of the independence of India and Pakistan.

The following year the two nations shocked the world by carrying out nuclear tests and the year after that their forces battled for two months in the snowy heights of Kashmir´s Kargil district.

Mike reported day after day on events from the front line, as the world feared that this could escalate into another full-scale war between India and Pakistan.
Author: Karin Bergquist


After completing his A-levels at Bournemouth School for Boys in 1964, Mike trained as a reporter with Eastern Counties Newspapers.

On completing his training in 1968 he went to Uganda as a journalist with Voluntary Service Overseas, working for the Ministry of Marketing and Co-operatives.

Mike joined BBC News in April 1970 and over the next eight years he moved from sub-editor to duty editor, undertaking a number of reporting assignments including the 1972 United Nations General Assembly and General Franco´s death in 1975.

In early 1982 Mike returned to Africa to become the BBC´s East Africa Correspondent and at the beginning of 1989 he moved to Johannesburg to become the BBC´s South Africa Correspondent.

Since June 2001 Mike Wooldridge has been a World Affairs Correspondent for the BBC.


Mike Wooldridge received an OBE in the 2002 Birthday Honours for "services to broadcasting in developing countries.


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