Paulo Alvares

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December 3, 2003
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Born in Belo Horizonte, the Brazilian pianist Paulo Sérgio Guimarães Álvares studied the piano under Caio Pagano at the University of São Paulo, where he also studied chamber music and new music. From 1985 he studied in Texas under Steven de Groote, gaining a masters degree, then from 1988-1990 he studied under Aloys Kontarsky in Köln thanks to a DAAD grant. After winning the Kranichsteiner music prize at the Darmstadt international course for new music in July 1990, he explored the relationship between the piano and live electronics at the IRCAM in Paris. Paulo Álvares has already appeared all over the world as a soloist and chamber musician. He devotes himself to new music, improvised music and to both the classical and 20th century repertoires. His many recordings encompass for instance all Mauricio Kagel´s keyboard music, published in December 2002. Recently Álvarez has been working regularly as a pianist with the Radio Orchestra of West German Radio, the Ensemble Noamnesia in Chicago, the Het Spectral Ensemble in Ghent and the Musikfabrik in Düsseldorf. At many festivals of new music he has played as a soloist, for instance at Wien Modern, Triennale Köln, Huddersfield, Musica in Straßburg, Berio Festival in Turin, Wittener Tage für Neue Musik and Festival Musicia Nova in São Paulo. Paulo Álvares works closely with many important composers and conductors, including Helmut Lachenmann, Mauricio Kagel, Luciano Berio, Tristan Murail, Gerhard Staebler, Jonathan Harvey, Dieter Schnabel, Hans Zender, Jonathan Nott, Lev Markiz, Zoltan Nagy, Peter Etvos and Gunter Schuller.
Author: Haus der Kulturen der Welt


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(20 January 04 - 29 January 04)