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August 1, 2005
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Olo Walicki


Intelligent jazz by an intelligent jazzman

Stylistically varied, shaped by different inspirations and experiences, spacious, emotional, anxious and daring? this is the music of our time; this is the music by Olo Walicki. Polish double-bass and bass player, composer, arranger and producer has understood the specific of modern world and successfully transformed it into sounds.
Olo Walicki started his adventure with music as a 15-year-old playing in the Tricity yass bands. This specific answer for jazz was the best lesson of avant-garde and improvised music. This was also an opportunity to meet great, open-minded artists and to start exploring different kinds of music with them. Zbigniew Namyslowski, Jacek Kochan, Adam Pieronczyk, Brandon Furman, Maciej Sikala, the band ?Milosc? ? Walicki played with the best Polish jazz musicians.
Variety, gaining as much music experiences as it is possible - seem to be the most important things for him. As a session double-bass and bass player he took part in over 30 stylistically varied recordings. Walicki is open for different projects, not necessarily strictly musical ? he wrote music for Ingmar Vilquist play ?Sprawa Miasta Ellmit? (?The Case of Ellmit City?) for Wybrzeze Theatre in Gdansk. He has also worked with Zbigniew Preisner recording a movie soundtrack.
As a composer, arranger and producer Walicki has fully showed his value 19th October 2003, during ?Metalla Pretiosa? premiere. This outstanding project was written for a classical brass quartet and a jazz trio. The power of improvised music with the pure harmony of symphonic parts has created a fresh, thrilling and surprising whole. To realize this project Walicki has invited one of the best Polish brass quartets, ?The Gdansk Philharmonic Brass?, a great German drummer Maurice de Martin and an excellent Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer. ?The idea of preparing the programme for a classical brass quartet and a jazz trio was caused by my fascination with symphonic music, the power of its sound, dignity and seriousness. Joining brass quartet with a modern rhythmical section creates a trance climate of a ballad on the one hand and wild almost dance rhythm on the second. The stylistic of the fire-brigades? and armies? brass orchestras? was also an inspiration to compose ?Metalla Pretiosa?, says the author.
Currently Olo promotes his new groups ? a duet with Mika Urbaniak and international trio ?Euro Commissars? with the guitarist Kalle Kalima from Finland.
Walicki?s last project explores new musical areas ? this time he turns to folk inspirations of the Kaszuby region to mix them with the modern jazz. He is going to perform within the XXVI Folk Music Festival of European Broadcasting Union organized by Polish Radio Co. with cooperation of The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, City Council of Gdansk, Gdansk International Fair Co. It is going to take place in Gdansk on 4-7 August 2005. It seems that Walicki?s artistic visions of music have no frontiers. Fortunately.
Author: Aleksandra Halicka


Olo Walicki lives and works in the Tricity (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia) conglomeration, Poland. He is a double-bass and bass player, composer, arranger and producer. He has worked with best Polish jazz musicians (Zbigniew Namyslowski, Jacek Kochan, Maciej Sikala and many others). Nowadays he performs with a pianist Leszek Mozdzer and with groups: Loskot, Oczi Cziorne and Szwagierkolaska. Walicki composed and took part in recordings to movie and theatre soundtracks


Olo Walicki Kaszebe

Production / Performance,

‘The Case of the City of Ellmit’ by Ingmar Villquist

Production / Performance,
theatre soundtrack

Metalla Pretiosa

Intermedia project,
(olo walicki production)


2000 Award of the President of City of Gdansk for The Best Young Talents
1996 Fryderyk Award
1992 Jazz Juniors Award for the best instrumentalist


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Folk Music Festival of European Broadcasting Union

(04 August 05 - 07 August 05)


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