Margaret Shiu-Tan

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July 3, 2003
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Margaret Shiu-Tan
Ms Margaret Shiu-Tan is an art and culture activist, advocating for international cultural exchanges and reuse of space as art facilities for urban regeneration.


With a background within economics, Margaret Shiu-Yan went into arts in the eighties and later she became a cultural activist in Taiwan. Due to her many contacts in the central administration, Ms Shiu-Tan has succeded in saving lots of interesting old industrial buildings for creative space for art.
In the last seven years, Ms Shiu-Tan witnessed the constraints on the development of the arts in Taiwan, and thus moved from being a creative visual artist, to that of an art and culture activist.

As the director of an alternative space, the Bamboo Curtain Studio, she has activated many issues on artist´s role in cultural, social and environmental development and has networked with various international art organisations for research and collaborations.



Having studied economic development at UC Berkeley, California, Ms Shiu-Tan worked as an economist before changing career path to the arts in 1980, participating in various national and international exhibitions.


National Committees:
Council of Cultural Affairs committee for the Taiwan Artists-in-Residencies Program, Reuse of Space Program Interdepartmental Commission.
Taipei City Commission: Public Art Commission, City Planning Approval Commission.

National NGO membership:
Chairperson of the Association for the Reformation of the Cultural Environment of Taiwan (ARCET), Association for the Visual Artists in Taiwan (AVAT).

International NGO membership:
Asian Cultural Council, (Taiwan), Asia Arts Net (Hong Kong), Asian Alternative Space Network (Hong Kong), Alliance of Artists Communities (US) Asia Society, (US).

International Research Networking with international organisations such as: Alliance of Artist communities, Trans Europe Halle, Res Artis, Contre de Roncontre. The research "Magnetic Fields of Creativity - Cultural exchange programs as promote by international artists-in-residencies" was published in 1999.

Researching on innovative cultural venues, the book "Creative Programming in Reuse of Space: an International Perspective" was published in Nov 2002.