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July 28, 2003
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 Sabbath Hela Veckan


Stockholm Klezmer Orchestra

Klezmer band Sabbath Hela Veckan is made up of members: Lauri Antila/bass, Peter Bothén/clarinet, soprano saxophone, Andreas Hedwall/trombone, James Friedman/violin, viola, Nils Personne/tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and Niklas Sundén/accordion. The group´s members come from Sweden, USA and Finland. The band was formed in 1989.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Klezmer band Sabbath Hela Veckan was formed in 1989. From 1989 to 1995 the group gives concerts in Sweden and embarks on its first European tour to Germany. They collaborate with singer Ida Kelarova and the author Roland Schütt, creating music for the film
"Kådisbellan". Sabbath´s first cd "Klez" is released. From 1995 to 1999 Sabbath Hela Veckan works closely with the theatre, creating the score for " The Caucasian Chalk Circle" at the Stockholm City Theatre and for "Euralia"; a theatre project bringing together some 50 cultural workers from Eastern Europe. Their second cd
"Honga " is released. In 2000 the group gives several concerts in Scandianvia and Germany and embarks on a collaborative journey with singer Bente Kahan. Sabbath Hela Veckan creates and performs the music to "Hotel Europa", a theatre project involving artists from Eastern Europe and the Balkan area produced by Intercult. In 2001 the group participates in a cultural exchange with
fomer Yuogoslavia, arranging concerts and workshops in Belgrade. Sabbath has also worked with author Peter Mosskin, performing music to live readings and creating a program based on Mosskins´stories. Currently the group gives concerts and workshops and continues a creative collaboration with theatres and other artists.


White Sand White Snow

Production / Performance,
A production of Intercult (Stockholm), with the participation of Nils Personne, member of Sabbath hela Veckan. White Sand White Snow is a performance for children, featuring intercultural art expression and engaged with environmental issues. Three Culturebase artists take part in the performance: Åsa Simma, actress and authentic Saami jojka singer from Swedish Lappland; Mamadou Sene - actor, musician and singer living in Sweden, originally from Senegal; Nils Personne - Swedish musician and composer (member of Sabbath Hela Veckan). White Sand White Snow blends theatre (in Swedish), singing, music performed on intstruments from all over the world, as well as shadow theatre. The performance is directed by American-Swedish Edward Buffalo Bromberg.


Published Audio,
Sabbath Hela Veckan´s second album


Published Audio,
Sabbath Hela Veckans first album


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White Sand White Snow

(30 May 05 - 30 May 07)

Hotel Europa

(01 October 99 - 31 December 00)


White Sand White Snow

A Laibediga Honga

Song from Sabbath´s album Honga
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A Laibediga Honga

Song from Sabbath´s album Honga
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