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July 17, 2003
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Yang Yong
One of China´s youngest female artists Yang Yong provokes with her art pieces. PR Photo.


Provokative avantgarde-art from China

Yang Yong is an outstanding exponent for a new Chinese avant-garde trend. Born in the province of Sichuan with an education in oil painting, Yang Yong is an artist close to Western contemporary art with no fear to get involved with the most provocative themes.
Born in the province of Sichuan with an education in oil painting, Yang is an artist close to Western contemporary art with no fear to get involved with the most provocative themes.

After arriving in Shenzhen, one of the fastest growing cities of the south coast of China, Yang started to work with video using the style of Warhol/Paul Morrisey; then by keeping the use photography, she documented the underground scenery of Shenzhen using Nan Goldin´s style.

However, her most extraordinary and controversial work has been her portraits of prostitutes, shown last year at the Librería Borges of Guangzhou. The exhibition was entitled ´Women are Beautiful Always and For Always´. Not victimised or brutalised, the characters of her portraits are the daughters of the new urban economy. "This is one reality of China," Yang says. "I do not care whether or not a woman is a prostitute. I am just trying to show how people really live."

Her work not only challenges official rules, but also the main Chinese avant-garde trend. She´s turned into a symbol of a new avant-garde trend coming from the south and which has been growing over the past few years in the city of Shenzhen. Thus, this city became a centre where artists are breaking the rules of the avant-garde trend of the north of the country - which has been the representative of the Chinese contemporary art in Western societies. Recently, young artists like Yang have been challenging the school of the north, dealing with themes related to modern urban life and attracting growing attention from Switzerland and Finland.
Author: Karin Bergquist


1975: Yang Yong was born in Sichuan, China

Lives and works in Sichuan, China

Selected Recent Solo Exhibitions:

2002: From China-Personal Plan of Yangyong, Art Design Institute, Linz, Austria
Yang Yong Solo Exhibition; Sleeting Shadow, Gallery Eastlink, Shanghai, China

1999: Woman Is beautiful Always and Forever, Boarhers Bookstore Guangzhou, China

Selected Recent Groups Exhibitions:

2003: How Big is the World, Gaoxiong Art Museum, Taiwan
50th Venice Biennale, Italy

2002: Gwangju Biennale PAUSE, Gwangju, Korea
How big is the world, O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria
SELF-TALKING 2002; Art Channel of TOM.COM, Nominate Photo Show, Guangzhou, China
City Light, Guangzhou, China

2001: Urban Slang - Chinese Contemporary Art of Zhujiang, Delta HeXiangning Art Museum Shenzhen, China
Die Veranstaltungswoche der Chinesisch-Deutschen Neuen Medienkunst,
Peking, Shanghai and Hangzhou, China
Up Ricing Artists Int´l Fest, Hongkong Museum Of Site, Hong Kong
Living in Time, Hamburger Bahnhof Art Museum, Berlin, Germany
Body Resources And Materials, Hong Kong Artist Commune, Hong Kong
The 6th Documental Exhibition Of Chinese Contemporary Arts For Study:
Rotate 360°-Chinese Plan Art Exhibition, Shanghai Paragold Lnt´l Art Centre, China

2000: Caught and Arranged--Photography, Peking archives & warehouses, China
Intent on Communication--The exhibition of China´s new photography Art at the End of 21st Century, Milan, Italy
Video From Chinese Artists Int´l Fest, Hong Kong Museum Of Site, Hong Kong
Charming China in Thailand, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

1999: Post-perception Deformation & Delusion Peking Complex & Personality, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China
Shenzhen Sculpture Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
Cities on the move, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland


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