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Specialist in internet regulation

Professor Dr. Peng Hwa Ang is specialised in censorship and regulation of the Internet.
In his capacity of internet expert, Professor Peng Hwa Ang has consulted for the Singapore government and the UN´s Development Programme - concerning the Digital Opportunities Taskforce Report in 2001.

Peng Hwa Ang has been involved with the Bertelsmann Foundation in a series of projects looking at Internet self-regulation, self-rating and filtering. He was part of an "expert group", that met several times to develop internationally-accepted seal of self-ration that was robust to criticisms by civil libertarians.

Peng Hwa Ang has published more than two dozen academic papers and book chapters and edited three books in the area of media law and policy with a special focus on the internet.

He is especially known for his work on content regulation and censorship of the internet. He has presented his work in that area before more than a dozen countries.

Among meetings he has presented are those organised by the European Union, the Canadian International Development Research Centre, the United Nation´s Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Author: Karin Bergquist


Peng Hwa Ang was born in Singapore.

National University of Singapore

Board of Legal Education, Singapore
Postgraduate Practice Law Course

University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Annenberg School of Communication
Masters od Arts in Communication

Mass Media Ph.D. Michigan State
University, East Lansing, Michigan.

Current position: Vice Dean, Associate professor at the School of Communication and Information, Nayang Technological University.


Communication, Education and Media Training Needs in ASEAN

Published Written,
Co-author: Ramanathan, Sankaran. AMIC, Singapore

Information Highways: Policy and Regulation in the Construction of Global Infrastructure in ASEAN

Published Written,
Co-author: Goonesekera, Anura. CAMIC, Singapore

Mass Media Laws and Regulation in Singapore

Published Written,
Co-author: Yeo, Tiong Min AMIC, Singapore.


2000: Peng Hwa Ang was awarded a Fullbright fellowship for which he spent a semester as a research fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harward University.

2003: He is on his second appointment as honorary fellow of GLOCOM, the Center for Global Communication established by the University of Japan. GLOCOM was the secretariat of the Digital Opportunities Taskforce Report in 2001.


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