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Neli Mitewa, Willy Prager, Mila Odajieva, Stefan Shtereff
Design and Crafts (fashion)
Performing Arts (happening, installation, performance)
Visual Arts (installation art, performance)
Europe, Eastern
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January 22, 2007
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 Brain Store Project


Creative Consepts´ Store

Brain store project is the union of four interdisciplinary artists and their reach out for partnerships and collaborations with local and international colleagues. The possibilities for artistic output, means of artistic expression and performance practice are virtually endless. Understandably, all of brain store project´s works cross borders between disciplines in ever so innovative ways, while researching contemporary themes.
Since the foundation of brain store project in 2004, the group has produced installations, organised actions, performed on theatre stages or site-specifically in spaces such as a tennis court, a club toilet or a peculiar house.
For one of their first works, the performance Stitch Bod, brain store project collaborated with the director and choreographer Alan Good (USA). Stitch Bod blurs the border between pure dance and contemporary stage performance, while researching the inner world of five wanderers walking on the edge.
Among brain store project´s more radical concepts is Faust 4´18´´. It is one of a series of city interventions, where an audio-installation was placed in a club´s toilet in order to confront audiences with the artwork during everyday activities rather than by special appointment in culture-designated spaces.
In a recent project, Watch Your Back, brain store project, in a co-authorship between all participants, created a performance of fashion, movement and text design. The theme embedded in the artwork were the personal stories of the participants living in the transitional state of the Balkans, where a society´s general aim is to present a "new, contemporarily-adjusted, European-like/global face", while its back carries the past and all positive and negative mentality aspects. In this peculiar study on identity the artists attributed simplicity and uniformity to the front of their fashion creations, while they elaborated on the back.
In the site-specific project "22 Tsar Ivan Asen II Street" the artists engage the house on this address as an element in the performance along with the performer´s input. They employ the means of postdramatic theatre and dance, of the documentary performance, the dramaturgical sketch, the gender -garment, of photography, video-installation and phonogram to create a dialogue with this isolated space in the centre of the city as a vital social system - a place for privacy, secrets and intimate emotions.
All these concepts are "stored" as a departure point for other explorations, other collaborations and new experimental concepts.
Author: Yuliana Yankova


Brain store project – creative concepts´ store was founded in January 2004 by the performing artists Willy Prager, Mila Odajieva, Stefan A. Shtereff, and the designer Neli Mitewa. Based on their common work and the realisation of own and co-productions with local and international artists, the initiators of brain store project decided to collaborate in the search of a contemporary interdisciplinary language.

brain store project gives a platform for:

Creating and producing of own artistic projects in the field of performing and visual arts, fashion design and their boundary forms.
Developing of a partnership network with Bulgarian and international independent artists, practitioners and theoreticians, artistic groups, organizations and institutions;
Initiation and presentation of common and another’s productions;
Building up of an alternative educational programme for artists and practitioners: workshops, lectures, research projects etc.
Creative exchange of ideas and points of view.
Research of artistic processes and practices.

The core of the project plans and actions of brain store project are artistic interventions, leaving besides the halls predetermined for art presentation and involving the “everyday-audience” into an unostentatious, spontaneous cultural context.
With its politics of non-elitarism, openness and sociability towards collaborations with contemporary artists, brain store project aims the building of partnership networks of personalities, groups and institutions.

The traced out and already started programme for alternative education in the field of contemporary performing arts wants to achieve the enlargement of the knowledge of artists of the young generation.


partners | Mobile Studios

Intermedia project,
BSP participate as partners for Bulgaria in „Mobile Studios“, a project for a nomadic multimedia platform and artistic laboratory of Public Art Lab Berlin.

Watch Your Back

Production / Performance,
performance of fashion, movement and text design, based on exchanged personal stories and images. Idea: Neli Mitewa, concept: brain store project, Design of movements, vision and sound: Willy Prager, Stephan A.Shtereff in collaboration with the participants, Fashion design: Neli Mitewa in collaboration with the participants, Performed by: Aleksandra Janeva (Croatia), Bojana Mladenovic (Serbia), Mila Odazhieva, Iva Sveshtarova, Neli Mitewa, Willy Prager, Stephan A.Shtereff (BG). With the support of Goethe Institut Sofia, Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe, Swiss Cultural Programme in Bulgaria.

Prager Strasse

Production / Performance,
Manipulative performance. Idea and director: Willy Prager, Concept and visual design: brain store project, Text: Franz Kafka, Neli Mitewa, Costume consultant: Neli Mitewa, Stage consultant: Rada Boukova, with the use of stage elements of the installation "Test Zone" by N.Shushulov. Performers: Mila Odajieva, Stephan A.Shtereff, speakers: Neli Mitewa and Stoyan Nikolov. The project is supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme in Bulgaria, Dance Web, National Cultural Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Paint the Brain

Production / Performance,
A space intervention based on the idea of Dushan Muric, where Brain Store Project invite the general public to paint on a wall.

Faust 4´18´´

Intermedia project,
Audio installation, part of the city intervention projects. Idea and realization: Willy Prager, costume: Neli Mitewa, music: Ivo Dimtchev. WC of “Dr.Faust” club, Sofia.


Production / Performance,
Documentary fashion performance, based on the collection of Neli Mitewa and the stage designer Youlian Tabakov, directed by Willy Prager, performed by 85 authentic people. Performed on a tennis-court and at EuroFashon Week Berlin. Supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme in Bulgaria, Goethe Institute Sofia, SIA Advertising etc.

Stitch Bod

Production / Performance,
Choreographed and directed by: Alan Good (USA). Performed by: Dragana Alfirevic /Serbia/, Alan Good /USA/, Mila Odazhieva /Bulgaria / , Willy Prager /Bulgaria/, Stephan A.Shtereff /Bulgaria/ Music and sound: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi Costumes: Neli Mitewa Producer: Odavision Performed in Theatre Laboratory "Sfumato", Sofia and Festival "The Ideal", Plovdiv (Bulgaria).


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

(02 December 05 - 31 December 10)


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