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July 10, 2003
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Mohamad Arifwaran Bin Shaharuddin
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Socio-political theatre dance

A director, playwright, actor, vocalist and a choreographer, he is now an artistic director and choreographer for his company called The October Group.
Mohammad Arifwaran Bin Shaharuddin´s knowledge and interest on the forms of theatre and dance ranges mainly in the development of traditional and contemporary arts idiom.

He has been involved with some of the major traditional arts masters, e.g. the late Khatijah Awang and Awang Hamzah, who are the biggest influence in understanding the need to interpretation and the accommodation of traditional form in the new representational world of urban contemporary life in Malaysia.

His interest of devalued muscle work and the interpretative invisible body has moved him to a more directive approach to question the extensive influences that exist in the traditional art forms through the studies of the backbone and speech.

His strength in performance lies in his socio-political critic on the condition of the Malaysian living environment. He is a member of Artist Pro Active - a group of artists whose concern is the growing censorship on arts in Malaysia. He is also a member of University Bangsar Utama - a student body of university graduates. The group is focused on a more pro-democratic involvement of Malaysian youth on the idea of abolishing the international security act, a human right violation, which is exercised by the government to intimidate or oppress the freedom of speech.
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Born in 1978, Arifwaran began his carier professionally at a very young age with some of Malaysia´s leading director and choreaographer.

A top gradutate from Malaysia´s performing art institution The National Arts Academy.

At the age of 18 he is one of the founding member of Shakti Dance Company, a company which aim on the development of feminist activities in Malaysia. He is also rhe artistic director for Kumpulan Giat Budaya, a theatre company in Malaysia which comprises on the idea of joining community and arts.


Lantai T.Pinkie

Production / Performance,
The October Group


Production / Performance,
The October Group


Production / Performance,
The October Group


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