Nedyalko Delchev

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May 30, 2003
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Nedyalko Delchev
Photo: Dinka Spirovska


A versatile artist

The artistic expression of Nedyalko Delchev ranges from staging the old masters like Gogol and Shakespeare to collaborating with innovative contemporary authors. He writes his own scripts for theatre and film, as well as draws naive miniatures and works in small scale sculpture.
As early as his student years in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Delchev attracted the attention of Bulgarian audience and critics with the performance Black Hole, based on the play by Goran Stefanovski. Since then, Delchev has worked as a director for the Youth Theatre, the Theatre of Satire, the Sofia Theatre, the City Theatres in Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv and Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria.
Delchev directed one of the pieces in the site-specific performance Hotel Europa, production of Intercult, Stockholm. Delchev´s piece, Grand Hotel Casino Europa, featured an East European immigrant, living in a delapidated hotel somewhere in Western Europe. The character becomes wealthy overnight and finds himself capable of buying the whole hotel and, as he plans, to turn it into a casino to maximise his means. The piece was performed in the banquet room where the audience sat for a drink among the other performances in Hotel Europa. The project toured Bonn, Avignon, Stockholm, Vienna and Bologna.
For the past few years Delchev is working primarily with amateur student acting groups. He finds that the lack of professional training creates extraordinary dynamics in staging and that accidentally discovered talent is a precious asset for a performance.
Delchev has worked as an assistant professor for renowned throughout Europe Ivan Dobchev and Margarita Mladenova. He teaches Theatre History and Acting at the American University in Bulgaria, and recently worked as a visiting lecturer at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan.
Delchev is taking part in the platform Black/North SEAS (2005-2008).
Author: Yuliana Yankova


Nedyalko Delchev was born in Bulgaria in 1965 . He graduated as a theatre and film director from the National Academy of Theatre and Cinema Arts in 1992. He works in Bulgaria as a director and professor in theatre and film, cultural organiser, and occasionally as an actor.



Production / Performance,
based on texts by Williams, Pessoa, Bataille. Delchev is directing consultant.

Hotel Europa: Grand Hotel Casino Europa

Production / Performance,
Text by Goran Stefanovski; site-specific theatre performance within the framework of Hotel Europa, a production by Intercult, Stockholm, with presentations in Bonn, Avignon, Stockholm, Bologna, and Vienna.

The Suicide

Production / Performance,
Text by Nikolai Erdman; Theatre of Satire.

The Lover

Production / Performance,
Based on the play by Harold Pinter; Theatre of Satire, Sofia.

Black Comedy

Production / Performance,
Based oon the play by Peter Shaffer; Theatre of Satire, Sofia.


Production / Performance,
Play by N.V.Gogol; Theatre of Satire, Sofia.

Long Play

Production / Performance,
Text by Goran Stefanovski; Theatre of Satire, Sofia.

The Prisoner of Trikery

Film / TV,
66 min., video, BUlgarian National TV; Script and directing by Delchev.

Hills like White Elephants

Film / TV,
21 min, 35mm, National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Script and directing by Delchev.

Black Hole

Production / Performance,
Based on the play by Goran Stefanovski; Student Theatre at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Studies, Sofia.

Dog Accident

Film / TV,
25 min., video, National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Directing by Delchev.


Special "Askeer" Award for Development of the Theatre Art for the performance "Black Hole", 1993
"Chudomir" Foundation Award for the Funniest Performance of the Year for "Marriage", 1995.


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

(02 December 05 - 31 December 10)

Hotel Europa

(01 October 99 - 31 December 00)


Hotel Europa: Grand Hotel Casino Europa
Hotel Europa: Grand Hotel Casino Europa
Dances with Wolf
My mother, father and tree

The Fettered Kite

A play written by Nedyalko Delchev, translated into English by Plamen Arnaudov.
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