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April 28, 2003
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Wai-mei Yeung
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Tango meets Beijing Opera

Hong Kong artist Wai-mei Young presents an elegant interplay between live and filmed action in ´Tango of Water Sleeves´. The sense of design and the coordination between the two media is impeccable.
Wai-mei Yeung´s work is highly physical, sensuous and original. Modern dance expressions meet traditional Chinese opera dance in a fascinating way.

Her performances are saturated with Eastern/Asian sensuality, delicate irony and unrelenting humour. They express their sensitivity on social issues in the setting of post-handover-Hong Kong.

The use of advanced video-filmed graphic scenery gives a dynamic background to her live dance. During her performance Wai-mei Yeung interacts with the filmed dance sequences.

"From Hong Kong Wai-mei Young´s ´Tango of Water Sleeves´ plays evocatively on heritage and forbidden sensual reverse (smoky mosquito cells, seductive music) by dancing sleek, contemporary tango up against screened images of seemly silkgowned Bejing Opera dances" (Lee Christotis).

Her recent works include ´Garden In My Heart´, ´Song of Witch´ and dance video ´Ambiguity´. In 2003, she is included in Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame, a publication supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development, as one of the outstanding choreographers in Hong Kong.

In 2004, Yeung presented her first full-length solo ´Spiritual Girl´ for the New Vision Arts Festival. T
Author: Morten Skeldal Østergaard


1990: Wai-mei Yeung graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Dance.

1993: She received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Iowa, USA.

In 1994-96 she danced with different well known choreographers from USA.

In 1997 Yeung returned to Hong Kong, where she began working with different companies and artists.

Yeung´s teaching credits include the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, City Contemporay Dance Company, Hong Kong Arts Centre and other special schools.

Yeung currently teaches at HKAPA.



Film / TV,

Garden In My Heart


Spiritual Girl


Song of Witch


Tango of Water Sleeves

Production / Performance,
Bai Liu-so, the female protagonist of Eileen Chang´s novel, Love in a Fallen City, was someone who always walked with the beat of the vanished music. To trace the gloomy time of her own, we can find clues from the Bejing Opera, mirror, water sleeves, mosquito scent, body parts and images.

Alone for A Second

Production / Performance,
Performed at Hong Kong Arts Festival 2000


Production / Performance,
Lullaby was performed by NIA, Taipei.


Production / Performance,
Fairytales was performed in Deca-Dance ´99


Her latest works Fairy Tales and Lullaby and Upstream, Downstream, won the title of best choreographies of 2001 in the Hong Kong Dance Alliance.

In 2003, she was included in Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame as one of the outstanding choreographers in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Dance Alliance presented her the Dance Award for the successful performance ´Spiritual Girl´ in 2005.


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