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September 22, 2005
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Norwegian eclecticism

They cannot be blamed for omitting to give a caution: “WARNING: Drums, fiddle and accordion may cause severe addiction” is written on Flukt’s record “Drufiacc”. Well, and that’s just how it is.
Strula Eide, Øivind Farmen and Håvard Sterten are “Flukt”, a modern traditional folk music trio, coming from Norway. Their instruments, as the warning forebodes, are fiddle, hardanger fiddle, drums/percussion and accordion.

Rooted deeply in the Nordic tradition, their wish is to play the traditional music in a way, that it gets a contemporary flair, some pulsing element, so it can become more popular among younger people. This wish came true: their music got quite popular in Norway, Sweden and even the United States. To describe their sound, it is useful to remember their name, “Flukt” which means “soaring”. The three musicians themselves seem to like the description, their music was “like a flight in the eclectic atmosphere of folk music”. Their sources are Scandinavian and Gaelic folk music, which are at all times connected to religion and transcendence. But Flukt is an instrumental trio and so you have to get their “issus” out of the bare music.

When “Flukt” was established in 1998, the instrumentation was a different one. Instead of drums and percussion, they had a bassist, Sondre Meisfjord, who left the band in 2004. For that reason one can obviously hear a difference between their first album “Spill” and the second one called “Drufiacc”, concerning the more modern elements of their sound. “Spill” contains some soft but progressive, sometimes really jazzy, bass lines, while the latter bears the pushing beats of Stertens drums and percussion. Furthermore Øivind Farmen is in the short history of the band already the third accordionist.

But being a instrumental trio does not neccessarily mean, that Flukt never play together with singers. They invited Heidi Skjerve, a beautiful Norwegian vocalist, to perform a song together on “Spill”. The song
‘s name is “Nestekjærleik”, written by Heidi Skjerve. On the same album Flukt performed with Erlend Skomsvoll, playing the harmonium. Skomsvoll is pretty famous in Norway, mostly for his cooperations with Chick Corea and Pat Metheny.

Flukt performed on many festivals, mostly in Norway and Sweden but also in the USA and in Poland, just like the Nordic Roots Festival (USA) and the EBU Folk Festival (Poland). In 2002 they even played at the royal wedding in Trondheim – surly, that was a great honor for them.

Author: Stefan Niklas


Established in 1998, Flukt has often changed its face. Starting their mission to make Nordic folk music more popular with the instrumentation of fiddle, accordion and bass, they interchanged bass with drums in 2004. So the faces Flukt today are: Strula Eide (fiddle/hardanger fiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Håvard Sterten (drums/percussion). Right from the start Flukt played on many concerts by the Norwegian Concert Institute and performed on festivals and concerts throughout Norway and Sweden and played as well at the royal wedding. Since 2002 they are discovering a wider international audience, for example in the USA or as well in Poland and they also had several TV and Radio gigs. They have released two records.



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