Hamid Yavari

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Written and spoken word (novel, tale)
Middle East
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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February 23, 2004
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Hamid Yavari
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Hamid Yavari was born in 1972 in Tehran, trained as a doctor, and works in the emergency ward in a Tehran heart clinic. He began writing fiction in the mid-1990s and belonged to the circle around Hushang Golshiri, who died in 2000, and worked for a year as an editor at Golshiri’s journal “Karnameh”. After publishing numerous essays, stories and reviews in a series of literary journals, Yavari’s first novel Shar-e basi (City of games) was published in 2002. The story portrays Tehran as a setting for the destructive power of the rulers that, in the end, destroys not only the city but even the text of the novel itself.
Author: House of World Cultures


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