Bad Taste

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Music (heavy metal)
Europe, Eastern
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August 2, 2007
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 Bad Taste


Bad Taste

Since the beginning of its work Bad Taste was trying to focus on playing own compositions ? many of them were influenced by such legends as Megadeth, Black Sabbat, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Pantera, Turbo, TSA that were the biggest inspiration for the musicians of Bad Taste. In 2002 the group released its first album called "Tajemnica" ("Secret"), nevertheless, Bad Taste can be mostly seen and heard during concerts. Currently the band with slightly changed members is preparing material for another album.
The band consists of:
Piotr (Chudy) Wysoki?ski- solo guitar
Artur Zaniewski ? drums
Grzegorz Dec -bass
Daniel Mazurowski- leading guitar
Sebastian (Bob) Mazurowski- vocal


Bad Taste is a heavy metal group based in Gdansk, Poland. Its been active since 1998.