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earth, ecology, nature, shamanism, spirituality
Visual Arts (mural painting, painting)
America, South
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July 28, 2003
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Art of the Peruvian Amazon

The spirit of the rainforest

Yolanda Panduro Baneo is a traditional artist from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. A native Shipibo artist, she uses plants and natural pigments in creating works which present visionary images of the spirits, stories and medicinal properties of plants. She works with her husband, Francisco Montes Shuña, making paintings and murals with a deep connection to the earth, nature and healing.
A native Shipibo Indian artist from the Peruvian Amazon, Yolanda Panduro Baneo’s work combines an impressive base of traditional knowledge with a visionary, magical quality. She specialises in using colour pigments derived from natural sources, such as fruits, leaves and soil. As well as displaying the immense botanical knowledge passed down by the forest-dwelling Indian people of the Amazon, her pictures contain frequent references to the ‘spirits’ and properties associated with each of the plants depicted.

She lives near Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon on a refuge for medicinal plants created in 1990 by her husband Francisco Montes Shuña called La Sachamama Ethno-Botanical Garden. The garden comprises 150 acres of land, holding thousands of species of cultivated medicinal trees, plants, vines and herbs.

Montes Shuña is a renowned visionary artist and ‘vegetalista’ shamanic herbalist from Peru, practising ancient indigenous healing methods and shamanistic practices taught him by his grandmother.

In 2001 Panduro Baneo and Montes Shuña were commissioned to create rock face murals at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. Within the award-winning project’s lush Humid Tropics Biome, the two artists painted a stunning series of images depicting Peruvian folklore and plant life. The murals depict the spirit lives of the rainforest plants, creating a magical narrative quality that presents a unique, spiritual vision of the native Amazon plants growing all around.

Francisco Montes Shuña and Yolanda Panduro Baneo have exhibited around the world and have had several exhibitions in London.
Author: Judith Staines


Yolanda Panduro Baneo is a native Shipibo Indian artist from Peru. She lives and works near Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon together with her husband, Francisco Montes Shuña, the renowned visionary artist and ‘vegetalista’ (shamanic herbalist). They have exhibited regularly in London and in 2001 were invited to create murals at the award-winning Eden Project in Cornwall.


Panama to the Outback

Exhibition / Installation,
October Gallery, London

Elvis Luna: plants, spirits and animals of the Peruvian Amazon

Exhibition / Installation,
October Gallery, London

Eden Project: mural paintings

Exhibition / Installation,
Rock face murals in tropical biome, Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Inner Visions: Art of the Peruvian Amazon

Exhibition / Installation,
October Gallery exhibition, London


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