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Ingrid Falk &, Gustavo Augerre
border, marginalisation, metropolises
Performing Arts (installation)
Visual Arts (education, installation art, performance, photography, video art)
America, South, Europe, Nordic
Argentina, Sweden
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April 25, 2003
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FA who ?

"We add the first letter of the artist´s, or other participants, surname to the group´s name, forming constellations like FAWE, FAWPM, FALL, FAKP, subtitles for cataloguing the works. An important part of FA+ strategy is the flexibility in front of each project; the concepts, the people we work with, the places, the materials etc, are always open to change. We try to avoid to be prisoners of any dogma (even ours)."
Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Augerre both had extensive indivudual careers before teaming up and creating FA+. Since 1992 FA+ have created more than 40 projects in various countries.
"Contagion"; an interdisciplinary project that started in 1995 has dominated their recent work. FA+ participated at the Venice Biennial in the Italian pavilion in Oreste 1999 where they introduced Contagion to an international audience.During 1998 they finished a permanent piece for the Stockholm Art Council, a 800 meter long installation in stainless steel on asphalt on a central street in Stockholm. The installation consists of citations from the playwright and author August Strindberg.

FA+ participated with two installations; Pax Securitas and Taost in Buenos Aires 1st Biennial 2000. The work "Schengen Tours" was made for Tirana 1 Biennial in Albania 2001.

The conceptual principle for this artistic duo is to go beyond artistic geographical and cultural boundaires.The group work is one of the most disctinctive characteristics the duo has , in their attempt to erase the stamp of "individuality" , by permitting the projects´participants to take part in all phases of the creative process and development.

The work of FA+ has received high acclaim in Sweden for its independence and creative use of materials combined with subtle irony and humour. FA+ creates art that questions our physical, social and cultural surroundings thus becoming art that involves its audience.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


FA+ is the cover name used for various collaborative projects done by Ingrid Falk
( born in Stockholm ) and Gustavo Augerre
( born in Buenos Aires). The + stands for other participants that changes from project to project. Augerre was educated in Argentina , Germany and Spain while Falk was educated in Sweden. FA+ live and work in Stockholm.


Kaliningrad Taken Over (SEAS Project)

Published Written,
A visual art book inspired by House Taken Over by Argentinian author J.Cortazar. It documents fragments of harbour cities and is inspired by the SEAS Date that FA+ went on in Kaliningrad in 2003. KALININGRAD TAKEN OVER was part os SEAS Box, the object which archived the R&D phase of the platform SEAS.


Exhibition / Installation,
A sea-container structure by FA+.

Virgin with Horns

Exhibition / Installation,
Photography - Site specific outdoor installation 4th Aoustrina tirennial on Photography , Graz Austria

Schengen Tours

Exhibition / Installation,
This outdoor "travel agency" installation was created for the first Tirana Biennial 2001 , later toured Scandinavia

The Influence of Jackson Pollock in the Israeli Army

Exhibition / Installation,
Photo Print - Art magazine special edition

Retrato de Familia Superior & Interior

Exhibition / Installation,
Mixed media. Museo de Bellas Artes Buenos Aires Biennal International nr 2 November -December 2002

The Art of Survival Trans//Form

Exhibition / Installation,
A series of photo-suite from 2001-2002


Stipendium, scholarships
Sweden Cultural Council -1989, Stockholm culture Department project support -1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, Swedish National Art fund project support -1995,1997, Swedish national Art fund working stipendium -1995, Regional project support -1996, Cultural Capital 98 ?project support 1994, 1996, BUS-stipendium -1996, Framtidens Kultur project support -1997,1998, Culture Stockholms studiosupport since 1987, IASPIS travel-grants -1999, 2000, CAMAC-Champagne-region-Tenot fund 2000, Swedish Institute 2000, Italian cultural institute C.M. LERICI 2001, IASPIS travel-grants 2001. Swedish Institute 2001, Swedish Institute 2002, IASPIS travel-grants 2002, Swedish National Art fond- working stipendium 2002 - 2003


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Gothenburg Biennial 2003

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Kaliningrad Taken Over
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