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Viviane De Muynck


Powerful actress and director

Impressive craft on and off stage

Viviane de Muynck is a sought after actress , director and guest lecturer. Her theatre courses and workshops are in high international demand and de Muynck works all over Europe.
After her studies in drama at the conservatory in Brussels, de Muynck joined the Mannen van der Dam collective in 1980 where she acted in Strinberg´s The Pelican amongst others. She alter joined the Maatschappij Discordia and performed in plays as varied as Alfred jarry´s Ubo Roi to Shakespeare´s Measure for Measure.In The Netherlands she collaborated in Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Iphiginea in Taurus with the Nationaal Toneel in The Hague, and in Hamlet directed by Ivo van Hove. De Muynck also worked with the Kaaitheater as well as making guest appearances with The Wooster Group.
In film and television, de Muynck makes regular appearances. She acted in Vinaya, a film by Pete van Kraaij and Josse de Pauw and in De Avonden , directed by R. Van der Berg. Other notable film parts have included parts in Vincent and Theo ( directed by Robert Altman) and The Crossing ( directed by Nora Hoppe).
De Muynck has been nominated twice for the "Gouden Kalf" Award at the Utrecht Film Festival.
She has also appeared in The Goldfish Game, the first feature film by jan Lauwers and Needcompany.
Music forms an essential part of De Myuncks creativee work and she collaborated with The Schönberg Ensemble, with Zietklang, and the Spectra Ensemble.
De Muynck is a regular perfomer in lauer´s productions with Needcompany and has starred in The Snakesong Trilogy, Macbeth, Caligula, Morning Song, Dead Dogs Dont Dance/DJamesDJooyceDeaD in 2000. In this last production she cowrote the script together with Jan Lauwers.De Muynck has toured with Relazione Pubblica , a choreographic piece by Caterina and Carlotta Sagna.
She is active as a director, actress, teacher and lecturer and accomplished text adpatations and co-written scripts for theatre.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Viviane De Muynck studied drama at the Conservatory in Brussels where she was a student of Jan Decorte. A stage and film actress, de Muynck is also working as a director ( Vagina Monologues and As I lay Dying)and has adapted Faulkner´s " As I Lay Dying " for the stage.


Isabella´s Room

Production / Performance,
he newest play from Jan Lauwers was received with exceptional enthusiasm at the Avignon Festival. Inspired by a collection of ethnological and anthropological objects inherited from his father, Lauwers weaves biographical and autobiographical elements around the tale of the fictional Isablella, the story’s narrator. Isabella is the daughter of a desert prince who went missing during an expedition in Africa. At least that is what her foster parents have told her. Following their deaths, Isabella, longing for clues of her beginning, embarks upon a quest. However, the trail leads her not to the desert, but to a room in Paris, filled with ethnological and anthropological objects. The story takes place with Isabella old and blind, looking back over her existence. An unusually light-hearted play from the often ’dark’ Lauwers (- ”I wanted people to feel good when they saw it”-), Isabella’s room still plays on the themes of eroticism, power and death, so central to his earlier works. Photograph by Eveline Vanassche

Goldfish Game

Film / TV,
Goldfish Game is the first feature film by Jan Lauwers. This modern fable tells the story of a small community of people who are violently torn apart. The tale encompasses both human drama and an anthropological study of the dynamics which hold a group together and work towards its disintegration. At the centre lies death - one’s own death and those of others – as ultimately determining and delimiting all human behaviour. The Italian internet magazine Kinematrix pronounced Goldfish Game the best film in the Formati Anomali category. The jury report said: an innovative style of directing that exceeds the limits of the digital medium. At the Slamdance Film Festival (January 2004) Goldfish Game was awarded the ‘Grand Jury Honour for Best Ensemble Cast’.

As I lay Dying

Production / Performance,
Adapted and directed by Viviane de Muynck

Vagina Monologues

Production / Performance,
Directed by Viviane de Muynck. Muynck also one of the three performers in the play.


1987 - Theo d´Or prize for performance as Martha in Who´s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.



Isabella´s Room
Goldfish Game