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November 26, 2007
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Detalles. © Renato del Valle


Elegant Lightness

Detalles is a duo in the lively techno-scene in Santiago de Chile. When its members first met, Kate Simko from the US was a trained pianist and student of music technology spending a semester abroad, and Andrés Bucci from Chile was an artist and musician successful with his project Plan V and now in touch via Berlin with the German techno-scene. In working together they create a warm and suave minimal techno first recorded under the Cologne label Traum and since 2006 under the US label Kupei Musika. They have gained international recognition through their two albums and an EP and also record solo albums while working on further projects.
Often some friends of electronic music bump into each other then hold a joint session in a small rehearsal room but seldom with lasting results. Kate Simko and Andrés Bucci were exceptions. As travellers with experience of raves, they put their heads and equipment together, but the ease with which data can be swapped electronically is only one cause of the global development of digital dance music over the last 15 years:

Kate Simko went to her first raves in her hometown Chicago but then moved to Miami to study classical piano. Wishing to use music more creatively, and fascinated with the minimalism of Philip Glass, Steve Reich and the Cologne minimal techno-school, she later came back to study music technology at North-western University. There she grew familiar with old classical synthesizers and current software, but instead of rushing into production she limited herself to producing radio-shows and focussed further on studying.

After four years she felt an urge to move once more so signed up for studies in Chile. At that time it was still little known in the USA that electro-musicians in Santiago de Chile were on a hot-line with those in Frankfurt then in Berlin. In fact Berlin was draining Santiago de Chile, South America’s potential centre of electronic music, of its musicians.

In Santiago de Chile Kate Simko got to know Pier Bucci, who then let his brother hear a CD of Kate playing the piano and thus brought them musically together. Andrés Bucci already had Berlin behind him. After the first raves had been organized in Chile in 1993, he lived in the post-wall city and saw the proliferation of music clubs in the Eeast Berlin. On returning to Chile he wished to set something similar in motion, which led to Plan V with his old friends Christian Powditch, Guillermo Ugarte and the Argentinian Gustavo Cerati. With them he recorded various sessions which greatly improved the popularity of Chilean techno in Chile itself. Bucci moved on to South Africa then to Argentina and appeared with Plan V at various festivals. In 2000 he was the curator of an exhibition of current art in Chile; in 2001 he published his solo debut on Chord; and on meeting Kate Simko in 2002 he was oscillating between high art and electronic music.

Owing perhaps to Bucci’s incessant activity, Kate Simko has speeded up her production. For the sake of emphasizing the experimental and fragmentary nature of their first joint recordings they chose the name ‘Detalles’ (Details), but their first album ‘Shapes of Summer’ (2002) on the Cologne Traum label showed a mellow minimal techno vision. They switched to Rafael Anton Irisarri’s international label Kupei Musika and brought an EP ‘Hello Donee’ (2006) and their second album ‘Micros Morning’ (2006) out, perfecting their elegant style. The temporal gap between the two albums is due to the spatial one between the musicians. Since Kate Simko moved back to the USA, she and Bucci keep Detalles alive by working in parallel on further projects. The duo has long been an integral part of the internationally known Chilean scene round Ricarco Villalobos, Miss Dinky, Senor Coconut (Atom Heart), Luciano and Andrés’ brother Pier Bucci.
Author: Oliver Tepel


The striking thing about Detalles minimal techno is its microscopic and meticulously composed sound details. It was more than just good fortune that the paths of Andrés Bucci and Kate Simko crossed in Santiago. The one a painter and electronic musician, the other a Classical pianist from Chicago, who has worked with Philip Glass and Thomas Brinkmann. Together, they play warm grooves and create music of elegant lightness.


CD´s and EPs (Selection)

Published Audio
2007 Micros Morning (CD, Album), Kupei Musika, 2007 2006 Hello Donee (EP), Kupei Musika, 2006 2003 Shapes of Summer (CD), Traum Schallplatten, 2003


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