Mamuka Japharidze

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borderline experience, ecology, interculturalism, language, time
Visual Arts (artefact, curating art, drawing, environmental art, graphic, installation art, land art, performance, text, video art)
Europe, Western, Middle East
England (UK), Georgia
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June 7, 2003
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Mamuka Japharidze
Mamuka Japharidze


The State of Potential

Georgian artist, Mamuka Japharidze was born in Tbilisi in 1962. He currently lives and works in Tbilisi and also spends some time in the UK. He works across a broad range of art media, using sound and language to construct work which he presents as actions and performances as well in exhibition/installation form. He was selected to represent Georgia at the 48th Venice Biennale.
ARTIST´S STATEMENT: Mamuka Japharidze, 2003

Since 1987 I have been working in an international arena; working with language; using language frame as the basic construction and conceptual base of a work. Often using bi-lingual sound-play to find new trans-cultural subjective meanings. The poetic language sound-play can be manifested as sound vibration, concrete text and also the actual object/event itself.

I am investigating the way that objects exist in a separate time/world beyond human´s utilitarian interpretation of time/object. The state of potential before objects/things are manifested is for me a real metaphysical state of existence. The idea of the object exists in ancient mythological dialogue and drama, which for me is still present. When the utilitarian conception of an object is cleared away, the deep metaphysical meaning is revealed.

One basic principle is an investigation of the threshold between an art event and ´non art´. And how the four dimensional (space, time/metaphysical) aspects of the work in the actual moment of the event, are for me the deep points of realisation.

My target is the actual moment of event and not towards building a product.

The medium is changeable and includes: media production, e.g. posters, cards (as part of an art work/event); happenings/public events; collecting and archiving images over long periods of time; video projection; photography; printmaking; texts; drawing; sound works.
Author: Judith Staines


Mamuka Japharidze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1962. He currently lives and works in Tbilisi and also spends some time in the UK. He studied at Tbilisi Academy of Arts from 1980, completing his MA in 1986. He has a varied and successful career as an artist, exhibits nationally and internationally, has attended many international artists workshops and residencies, makes performances and ´actions´, co-ordinates arts projects and exchanges and curates exhibitions. He was selected to represent Georgia at the 48th Venice Biennale.



Exhibition / Installation,
2003 ´Revive Time´, Kaki Tree project in Georgia, community and children´s action. 1998 ´By Hand´, UK and Georgian artists exhibition, Caravanserei, Tbilisi 1998 Mirzaani International Artists Workshop: 21 artists for 3 weeks. 1998 ´Dejeuner sur l´herbe´, city actions, Tbilisi 1994 ´Silk Road´, Bristol, UK & Tbilisi artists exchange 1991/92 ´Black Market´, Georgian artists gallery show


Production / Performance,
1998 ´Rubens Performance´, video projection, with Several Dancers Core, Atlanta, USA & Tbilisi 1995 ´Ramses Looking´, live action with fire, with Anthea Nicholson, Ramsey, Isle of Man & King Street Gallery, Bristol, UK 1994 ´I Walked Here, Chagall´, live action with hand made paper, with Martyn Grimmer, Vitepsk, Belarus.


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 ´Opti-mystic Transportation Taxi´, travelling camera obscura, Appendix International Artists event, Tbilisi 2002 ´Table for Insects´, live action with insects, Gyumri Biennale, Armenia 2001 ´table´, public event, collaborative project for Year of the Artist, Bristol, UK 2001 ´East of Eden´, video project, Spacex Gallery, Exeter, UK; Gyumri Biennale, Armenia 2000 ´Georgian Nights, Australian Mornings´, live event, Camaflauge, Geneva, Switzerland 1999 ´From Tartarus Experience´, wall painting, Georgian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 1998 International Artists Symposium, wallpaper prints, Spike Island, Bristol, UK 1998 ´Transformation´, UNESCO, Paris 1996 ´Icon and Perception´, National Art Gallery, Tbilisi 1992 ´Heat and Conduct´, hand knitted jersey with floor piece, Mappin Gallery, Sheffield & Arnolfini, Bristol, UK


Exhibition / Installation,
2002 ´On the Skin´, public action with body prints, punch bag and sound design, Club 22 Tbilisi 2001 ´dopple eye´, video projection, Foundry, London 2000 ´In a Mirror´, video project, Rail Road Earth, Atlanta, USA 1994 ´Rolex´, painting and drawing series, Ethnographic Museum, Caravanserei, Georgia 1992 ´What is What´, performance, Ethnographic Museum, Caravanserei, Tbilisi


2003 Braziers International Workshop, UK, Visiting Artist
2000 Artists International Residency Programme, Atlanta, USA
1998 Spike Island, Bristol, UK
1997 Shave International Artists Workshop, UK
1997 Kunsthaus Studios & Haffeman Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany
1996 Shantiniketan University, West Bengal, India
1994 CCA Vita Nova, Minsk

Soros Open Society Georgia, for participation in Venice Biennale
Ministry of Culture, Georgia, various
Visiting Arts UK, travel funds
International Residency Programme, Atlanta, USA, travel & stipendium
Shave International Artists Workshops, support for fees
Kunsthaus Studios Wiesbaden, Germany, travel & stipendium
Bristol City Council, travel to Georgian conference


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