Philip Kwame Apagya

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Visual Arts (photography)
Africa, Western
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June 22, 2003
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The photographer Philip Kwame Apagya was born in Ghana in 1958. After an apprenticeship in his father’s photo studio in Sekondi, in 1982 Apagya opened “P.K.’s Normal Photo Studio” in Shama. In Accra he graduated from the Institute for Journalism. His lifestyle scenes against painted backdrops were shown at numerous exhibitions in Germany, England and France, among other places at the Stadtmuseum München (1998), in the Barbican Art Gallery, London (1999) and at the Fiesta du Sud, Marseille (1999). Apagya is also the central figure in the documentary film “Future Remembrance” (1998).
Author: House of World Cultures


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Portrait Africa

A Century of Photographic Standpoints

(15 January 00 - 12 March 00)
"Roomdivider", ca. 1995-96
Selfportrait, Shama 1996
Fond Representing Manhattan, ca. 1995
"Roomdivider", ca. 1996-97