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Xiao Nan, Wang Xiaofang, Yu Jin s, Suo Yi, Lin Xue
gender, rebellion
Music (rock)
Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone
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May 19, 2003
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Snake, Rattle ´n´ Roll - Women´s Rock from the Peo

The only Chinese women´s rock band: five musicians bursting with energy as a symbol of the more self-confident young generation of women in China´s cities. Cobra was formed in reaction to the bloody events in the summer of 1989, and since then have been touring with great success and growing popularity in the Chinese rock scene (regarded with suspicion by the government) and are also internationally successful.
In China rock music is still what it once was in the West: Underground. Taking Janis Joplin as a model, Cobra began by shaking up the traditional image of the subdued, motionless and serious Chinese woman singer by using the fast, hot rhythms of the rock classics. With time, they developed their unmistakable Cobra style, which is reminiscent of Californian rock but never loses its Chinese sound. Trained in traditional Chinese or classical Western music, they break with conventions and gender roles in their provocative performances.

On their album "Hypocrisy", released in China in 1996, and which - quite apart from countless pirate copies - sold 90,000 copies, the song "1966" is missing, which was part of the soundtrack to the film about the Cultural Revolution by the film maker Wu Wenguang, with whom they were friends. On the German CD (released 1994) and on the American version (1996) it was, however, recorded under the title "Revolution 1966". Cobra have appeared several times on the Great Wall of China and in summer 1999, together with a punk band, formed the group "Cureband", which covered Cure songs. However, they also continue to play regularly as Cobra in a club in Peking.

Events at the HKW:
2 February 1993
Chinarock Festival
Organiser: House of World Cultures


Cobra II

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"My own Paradise"

taken from the CD "Hypocrisy"
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Concert excerpt

taken from the "Chinarock Festival"
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 02.02.1993

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