Mahmoud Behraznia

Film (documentary)
Middle East, Europe, Western
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Germany
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February 11, 2004
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Mahmoud Behraznia


Mahmoud Behraznia, born in Tehran, studied chemical engineering in Germany before going on to study film. He has given seminars on photo-journalism at a number of universities and directed documentaries for nearly all the major German TV stations, including ARD, WDR, NDR, RTL and SAT 1. His films include “Men Never Die” (1999) and a portrait of Abbas Kiarostami entitled “Kiarostami in Close-up”. In addition, he has also acted in films such as “Baran” (2001) or “Djomeh” (1999). His documentary “Heaven’s Path” (2002) records the difficulties encountered by Jalil Naziri, lead actor in “Djomeh”, who was invited to the Hamburg Film Festival but due to visa problems, suddenly found himself deposited in an asylum-seekers hostel.
Author: House of World Cultures