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January 22, 2004
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Hisako Miura

Hisako Miura was born in 1961 in Japan. She has worked as an actress with a modern theatre laboratory in Tokyo and has trained in Taichi and Butoh with Mitsutaka Ishi and Kazuo Ohno. Since 1989 she has been a member of the traditional Japanese dance troupe Ryukyu Buyo, Tamagusuku Theatre and Dance Company in Okinawa. Since 2000 she has worked with Teatret OM in Denmark playing her solo children performance Fox Wedding.
Author: Odin Teatret / Teatret Om


Fox Wedding

Production / Performance,
Fox Wedding is a children’s performance, which tells a story about a meeting between two cultures in two languages, Danish or English and Japanese. A character called Dokeshi, a Japanese storyteller, narrates how a lady fox falls in love with a foreign man. The lady fox goes to a troll to ask for a human face so that she can marry the man. She gets a human face, but then loses it when following a fish trail. Luckily the man grows a foxtail, and they are able to marry after all. But the happy end of the fairy tale shows its comic side when the lady fox and the foreign man start arguing about their future: should they live in the wood or in town? What kind of school should they send their children to? Dokeshi reappears to tell them that “in Japan they say foxes get married on days with sunshine and rain”. The performance presents the beauty and magic of Japanese props, costumes, musical instruments, masks and characters to introduce foreign elements as fascinating and attractive to children. Actor, text and stage design: Hisako Miura Director: Julia Varley


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