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civilisation, everyday life, metropolises, nature, water
Visual Arts (curating art, drawing, installation art, object, photography, sculpture)
Europe, Nordic, America, South, Europe, Eastern
Norway, Argentina, Poland
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August 18, 2003
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Tomasz Boncza Ozdowski


Cathedrals of Migration

Artists´words on own work/exhibition

When people migrate, thoughts, ideas, dreams and objects travel with them, all of which are important links with the past. Migrants become strangers to those they leave behind, and are strangers on arrival at their destination since migration produces loneliness. Migrants need thier own space, a secure place. My thoughts and ideas also need their own space, their own tents, their own cathedrals, where they can feel safe, express themselves freely and be easily moved from one place to another.
Throughout modern history, tents have had an enormous significance for many indiividuals, in various conditions and in siituations that demanded and still demand migration, such as in nomadic populations, or for pilgrims and refugees.
The triangular form of the tent is symbolic of a completed process ) for example the cycle of birth, life and death.)The base of these pyramiids is a square, symbolic of the earth and its four directions. It is also a symbol of the human heart, which is influenced fromfour aspects, by four powers: God, Satan; Angels and Humanity.
The relationships between the concepts of inside and outiside is formed meticulouslly by the tent which represents a defined boundary which the outside world understands and respects, despite the fact that the tent wals lack physical strength and solidity.
The project comprises "x" number of pyramid-shaped tents. "X" and the tents´locations in the room space are always realted to the rooms dimension, its form and character. The tents are similar, but each tent/cathedral contains a specific thought or problem. The interior poses questions but also tries to suggest one or more answers. The cathedral is merley sending out a signal like a lantern in the dark that indicates the way but does not determine the destination, leaving opportunities for differing interpreptations along the way.
The exhibitions aim is to provide the opportunity of experincing on two levels- outiside among the other cathedrals, viewing the installation as an open concept in realtion to space, or from the inside, concentrating on the ideas and thoughts locked within the cathedrals.
Author: Tomasz B. Ozdowski / edited by Annika Salomonsson


Tomasz B. Ozdowski was born in 1950 in Argentina. Since 1982 he lives and works in Norway. Ozdowski received his art education in Poland 1970-75 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.
Ozdowski has participated in a number of one-man shows and group exhibitions, including such countries as Japan, the Scandiavian countries, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany and Poland. His last solo exhibition was " The Decalogue" at Gallery III in Oslo, 2002.



Exhibition / Installation,
Galleri III, Olso

The New Decalogue

Exhibition / Installation,
Gallery III, Oslo

Photo, Installation, Sculpture

Exhibition / Installation,
Nord-Trondelag Fylkesgalleri

Sculpture, Installation & Drawing

Exhibition / Installation,
Christianssands Art Society


Exhibition / Installation,

Cathedrals of Light

Exhibition / Installation,
Sogn og Fjordane County Gallery

Cathedrals of Migration and Relics

Exhibition / Installation,
Drammens Museum of Art & Culture


2003- New Norwegian Anniversary Gold Coins 3rd Prize
1994- New National Hospital- Oslo
1993- New Norwegian Coins, Kongsberg
1993 "OL-1500 Gullmynt"-Oslo, 1st prize
1984-International Comppetition - Town Fittings: Faenza/Italy
1976 Art In Archetecture, Poznan Poland, 2nd prize


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