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July 13, 2004
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José Marti
José Marti (© Keith Cardwell)


José Julián Marti Montero was born in Havana in 1953. His father, an artist and photographer, inspired his interest in photography. In 1968, he began his career under the auspices of the celebrated Cuban photographer Alberto Korda whose theoretical and practical advice has had a lasting effect on Marti´s professional and aesthetic formation. Since 1975, Marti has won many awards for his photography within Cuba and in 2000 won a major award from the M.I.L.K. International Competition in New Zealand. His work has featured in a wide range of exhibitions in Cuba, Italy and Canada and has appeared in several international publications. He has produced distinguished work in a variety of photographic styles including nudes, landscapes and publicity images.



Published Written,
Cuba Sí!, National Theatre Gallery (London, UK)

Group Exhibitions

Exhibition / Installation,
1976 Para una mejor forma de vida , Vancouver, Canadá. 1976 X Festival de la Juventud y los Estudiantes, R.D.A. Alemania. 1978 XI Festival de la Juventud y los Estudiantes, C. Hab. Cuba. 1979 6ta. Cumbre de Países No Alineado, C. Hab. Cuba. 1979 IX Exp. Internacional INTERPRESS FOTO’79, C. Hab. Cuba. 1997 El Arte y Los Templos, Galería de Art. 10 de Oct. C. Hab. Cuba. 2000 Cuba en el Lente, Sala Fiocchi, Melegnano, Milano, Italia. 2000 Cuba Sí!, Galería, Teatro Nac. de Londres, Gran Bretaña. Group show of 11 photographers toured throughout UK 2001 Amistad, Gran Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall, New York, EE.UU. 2002/03 Cuba Hoy, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Florida, EE.UU. 2003 Imágenes Havana, Centro Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, C. Habana, Cuba 2003 M.I.L.K. Plaza de Waitemata, Auckland, Nueva Zelanda. 2003 Cuba Today, Museo de Art. e Hist. CORNELL, (Even. FOTOFUSON) Delray Beach, Florida, EE.UU.

Solo Exhibitions

Exhibition / Installation,
1997 Arte Sacro, Salón Parroquial Pasionista, Havana. Cuba. 1998 Contrastes, Sede Fondo Cubano Imagen Fotog.. Havana, Cuba. 1999 Contrastes, Galería de Art. Museo Capitanes Generales, Havana, Cuba. 2003 Sueños, Fototeca de Cuba. Havana, Cuba 2003 En Movimiento, Galería de Art. Casa de la Poesía, Havana, Cuba. VIII Havana Biennale 2004 A Day in the Life – Cuba through the eyes of photographer Jose Marti, Dharma Studio, Miami, Florida, USA; Baracoa Viva, galeria Larramendi, Havana, Cuba


M.I.L.K. International Photography Competition 2000;
2nd Prize awarded by the jury at the Festival photo latine en Paris, 2004


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