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July 11, 2003
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Mui Cheuk-yin
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Beauty comes from dancing

Choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin is renowned for her modern dance, which she combines with ethnic danse. The beautiful dancer and choreographer Mui Cheuk-Yin has performed in the most respected dance theatres in China and Hong Kong.
Cheuk-Yin Mui became an independent choreographer, dancer and teacher in the 90s. Mui is now an internationally renowned solo artist.

In Hong Kong the beauteous Mui Cheuk-Yin brings a thoroughly modern elegance to her revamping of Chinese traditions

Mui was often commissioned by CCDC, the City Contemporary Dance Company, and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to create new works.

Accodring to Mui Cheuk-Yin her performance ´October Red´ relates to not only the politics of the female body but also to how memories and experiences expressed through the body. "Each short piece was created after brainstorming ideas and experiences with the 15-member group," she says, "and they include a light-hearted look at constipation, an exploration of touch and texture through a dancer´s memory of his late father, and the touchy-feely relationship between men and women."

"Body and dance go together like jam and bread. Dancers have long used their bodies as a tool for artistic expression and performance. On stage, dancers treat their bodies in a very poetic way. Yet off stage the dancer views their body in a very scientific focus on things like how to improve flexibility and understand how our muscles and joints work. Some dancers will also postpone having babies to avoid changing their body shape too early. The aging of the body is a dancer´s worst enemy. Yet we tend to lack any passionate feelings towards our bodies. Sometimes we lose the appetite for sex because our bodies are overused when we dance." But this, claims Mui, can also be because the ecstasy of dance is even greater than making love.

Her major works include Fragrant Garden, Water Music, E-motion, As Quick as Silver, Stories about Certain Women, Eulogy, la grace, Between Bow and String, Of Grandeur and Desolation, Kinetic Body Operatics, Pink Lily and October Red.
Author: Karin Bergquist


Mui received training in Chinese classical and ethnic dance in Hong Kong.

From 1981-90 she joined the Hong Kong Dance Company as principle dancer.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, she created works Awakenings in a Dream, Cursive Script and the Diary Series.

In 2000, Mui was invited by Pina Bausch & Folkwang Tanzstudio to choreograph Whispering Colour and to perform as a guest dancer in The Rite of Spring with Tanztheatre Wuppertal.

Under the auspices of Asian Cultural Council, she took part in the International Choreographer´s Programme at the American Dance Festival and performed in Hawaii East & West Center.


Water Music

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October Red

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Fragrant Garden

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Pink Lily

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In 1985, Mui won the Hong Kong Young Choreographer Competition and received a scholarship to study modern dance in New York.

Mui was awarded the "Dance Ambassador" (2000) and the "Hong Kong Dance Awards 2001" by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance and named the "Outstanding Woman" by Wai Yin Association (2001). She was the Resident Choreographer of CCDC from 1996 to 1998 and is currently its Associate Choreographer.

Mui is now an internationally renowned solo artist. She has been invited to many international arts festivals including Hong Kong Arts Festival (1994, 2001), Belgium International Arts Festival (1994), Lisbon Culturgest (1995), Re:Orient Dance Festival in London (1995), Hong Kong Festival at the Berlin Tacheles (1996), la Biennale du danse de Val-de-Marne (1997), Ein Fest in Wuppertal (1998), Venice Biennial Dance Festival (1999), Dancing-World Festival in Copenhagen (2000), the Lyon Biennale de la Danse (2000) and China Modern Dance Festival ´2001.


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