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Gabriel Brojboiu
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September 18, 2007
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Art Can Make a Change

Established in 2000, the Menthor Cultural Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organisation that uses art to educate and inspire dialogue among people living in various challenging environments. A staff of trainers composed of artists, actors and philologists offers various cultural opportunities and activities for young people in Constanta, Romania.
Menthor Cultural Foundation is based the biggest harbour city in the South-East Europe, a challenging social and political environment. With their slogan "Menthor - for an open society", the objectives of this organization are to offer viable cultural alternatives; to attract artists and specialists from various fields into programmes and projects aimed at social change; to introduce elective courses related to the arts and communication into the school curricula; to offer educational programs, using artistic means, addressed to children, youth and adults living in various challenged social environments; and to help integrate disadvantaged children and young people into society.
Specialists in the fields of theatre, visual arts, dance, music, linguistics, pedagogy, and social care facilitate the participation of children and teenagers in brainstorming sessions, visual arts and drama workshops. A key strategy underlying these activities is encouraging children to work in teams and discuss their problems openly and efficiently. The outcome of these workshops is the participatory production of plays. Some of these plays were produced in conjunction with The European Cultural Foundation´s Art for Social Change - Play Against Violence (PAV) Programme. A series of four projects were produced following these principles: "Short Stories About Me" (2001), "The Dream of Ration Creates Monsters" (2002), “Soustainable Journey” (2004), “Photograms” (2005).
In 2001, Menthor participated in the Act together/Act for Democracy programme. Sponsored by the Concept Foundation, this initiative was designed to stimulate youth participation in cultural and civic processes and to expand democracy-building processes. More than 200 members of youth groups in Romania and Serbia participated in workshops hosted by the Centre for Drama in Education and Art (CEDEUM) (in Belgrade), the Belgrade Centre for New Theatre and Dance (CENPI) (in Belgrade), and Menthor (in Constanta). The workshops used theatre to enable participants to share common experiences and develop a set of democratic approaches to deal with conflict. The project focused on increasing the multi-ethnic and multicultural involvement of different minorities (such as Roma, Hungarians, Tatars, and Russian Lipovans) from both countries and encouraged the development of programmes stressing tolerance and diversity. The project resulted in the formation of a regional network of youth, NGOs, government officials, and artists that supports regional exchange and cooperation in the social and cultural fields.
In 2003 Menthor Foundation, together with the Concept Foundation, based in Bucharest, opened the Resource Centre for the young people in Constanta living in violent environments. The Centre was part of the programme Art for Social Change, initiated by the European Cultural Foundation. By working with young people living in environments, which are favouring violent behaviour, through participative artistic work and education through theatre and visual arts, the centre aim was to become a laboratory, where the creative processes are as important as the artistic results. The main objective is to underline the viability of participative arts as an alternative for social work and as a tool in the education of youth to bring about a major contribution to the social change.
As a part of their interest in the regional cultural specificity, Menthor Foundation initiated the project “Audio-visual art-works in the cross-border region Constanta-Silistra-as an instrument for European integration” in 2007, together with the Romanian Community in Bulgaria. The project aims to stimulate cultural exchange and to foster the distribution of art works across the border.
In its exploration activity into the creative opportunities offered by the county of Constanta, Menthor Foundation regenerated a former military bunker and transformed it in a temporary art gallery. The opening of the project was in August 2007 and benefited from the presence of Dan Perjovschi, who drew on the walls of the bunker, part of an installation “Constanta Caz” (which translates literally as either “The Case of Constanta” or “The Constanta Bunker”, as a play on words). It was the first artistic project happening in an unconventional space in Constanta. Moreover, it is a statement about the situation of the artist in Constanta, a big city with no art gallery.
Menthor Foundation is the local partner in Constanta of the Black/North SEAS project.
Author: Corina Oprea



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Soustainable Journey

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Memory of Senses

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Short Stories About Me

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Re-creating Creation

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Black/North SEAS

The SEAS Platform 2008-2010

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Soustainable journe