Vincent Mantsoe

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modernity, ritual, urbanity
Performing Arts (dance, dance / choreography)
Africa, Southern
South Africa
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June 10, 2003
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Vincent Mantsoe
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"I am living Soul"

ARTIST STATEMENT/ POSTCARD PROJECT OF THE HOUSE OF WORLD CULTURES 2007 “Personally, what is important for me now, in the year before and the year to come, is to tackle ideas that are based on human nature, be it the spiritual being or how we relate to each other as human beings. Cultural and `traditional` values that make us who we are. More so, what makes us common and un-common. Challenging the ideas of physical power/s between people and how we/I can try to push the nature of `traditional movements` to a challenging of forces of nature.” (Vincent Sekwati Koko) The dancer, choreographer and costume-designer Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe from Johannesburg in South Africa blends African, eastern and western, traditional and modern forms of dance into a very personal form of expression.
As the son of a sangoma, an initiated priestess, Vincent Mantsoe is familiar with the spiritual contents of the Zulu culture. His performances use and translate a lot of this knowledge into a modern dance-vocabulary, into which he also incorporates elements of Asiatic dance and ballet. In terms of drama, he transfers the spiritual basis of Zulu culture into a modern aesthetic perspective, to pass on his faith in the beauty of nature and humanity and their potential.

I am Nature
I am Spirit
I am living Soul
I am you, and you are my reflection

With the international award-winning dance company MID (Moving Into Dance), which he founded in 1978 with Sylvia Glasser, he has toured the world for more than a decade. He was, for instance, South Africa´s official representative at EXPO 2000 in Hannover. But the company wants not only to put dance on stage but also to take it into schools, where it could be learned creatively as a normal school-subject. Hence, in 1989, Sylvia Glasser founded Edudance, which since 1992 has been preparing dancing-teachers in special courses.

As part of the festival ´In Transit´ in the House of World Cultures, Vincent Mantsoe and the group Sangoma´s Transformations showed a work recalling village rituals of the cult of ancestors and also resorting to modern forms of dance.


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Transforming the arts

(30 May 02 - 14 June 02)
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Work: Title Unknown