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body, communication, emptiness, everyday life, identity, metropolises
Performing Arts (dance / choreography, dance / modern, video performance)
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July 3, 2003
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Akiko Kitamura
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Japanese avantgarde performance

Akiko Kitamura is a Japanese avantgarde dancer and choreographer. Kitamura´s performances stimulates audience´s senses with stylish, quick movements, film, lights and sound.
Kitamura´s performances depicts the ever searching attitude of modern citizens.
Her expressions are based on Japanese accuracy, high-tech film and video projections, and electronic composition over the Asiatic metropolis.

A unique perspective on contemporary Japanese dance Founded in 1994 by Akiko Kitamura, Leni-Basso is a contemporary dance company whose creations have been called "multimedia theatre" productions. Featuring artistic stage lighting, computer graphics, intense sound effects and spatial design, these elements all freely intertwine then evolve. Known for its visual and physical stimuli, Leni-Basso performances build an interactive relationship between stage and audience.

The director of Leni-Basso, Akiko Kitamura has choreographed commercials for the Japanese pop group, MORNING MUSUME, as well as various other projects in a wide range of media.

"Kitamura is an up-and-coming, energetic choreographer who is recognised as one of the most eminent artists in the field of performing art of the day. She has the cool style of her own, which many other Japanese don´t, and also has a brilliant gift for creating the amazingly accurate dance formation" Advertisement Review, 99.2)
Author: Karin Bergquist


Born in 1970 in Tokyo Akita Kitamura learned ballet and jazz dance in her early childhood.

In 1989 right after entering Waseda University, she started producing and performing her original works.

In 1994 Akiko Kitamura founded her own dance company "Leni-Basso" and was elected as one of the world top 50 choreographers, by the Dance Magazine Japan, at the youngest age ever.

In 1994 and 98 she was elected as one of ten choreographers in Asia for the Japan platform for Rencentres Choreographiques Internationals De Bagnolet.



Production / Performance,
In Finks, created by Artistic Director Akiko Kitamura, Leni-Basso explores the theme of communication in dance. Dance Magazine Japan raves about Finks stating: "It could be said that a masterpiece is born!" Finks is performed on a simple space where four cameras are installed in four corners against the background of two huge screens. The actions of the dancers are so intense and violent that audiences immediately think of martial arts.

Hyperbolic zone

Production / Performance,
This is a piece that showcases Kitamura´s talent perfectry.

Slowly, slow for drive

Production / Performance,
Japan Internet Play award´s Best performance Prize


Kitamura´s dance compagny ´Leni-Basso´ has recieved annual grants from the Saison Foundation.


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