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July 10, 2003
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Emmanuel Phakathi was born in 1975 in Soweto. After graduating from the Phafogang High School in Soweto he began to work for “Beeld”, an important South African newspaper, in 1994. In 1995 he switched to the TV station SABC, where he developed and realized shows for young adults. In 1996 he joined a theater group and realized a range of quite successful productions. After two shorts, one of which, Christmas with Granny (2000), won a prize at the Toronto Film Festival, he returned to television. Since then he has made documentaries and television films, including the 2002 ‚Wa n´wina’, which was shown as part of the famous South African series “Steps for the Future”. The announcement from the Deutsche Kinemathek states: "In this film Dumisani Phakathi, director of ´Wa n´ wina´ explores his immediate surroundings. As the protagonist, he discusses issues such as relationships, sex and love with his friends. Thus a journey takes form, revealing the gap between the everyday world and the the AIDS campaigns which often fail to speak to the people they are supposed to reach. ´Wa n´wina´ is an unusual document of the vitality of those infected with the deadly virus. (www.fdk-berlin.de/forum2002/filme/wanwina.html)
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