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September 1, 2003
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Ashok Ranade / Foto: Barbara Fahle


Born in India in 1937, the musicologist and composer Dr. Ashok Ranade pleads for a congenial juxtaposition of the traditions of Indian music and for a non-conditional openness towards the fusion of western and Indian aims and ideas. Since his retirement he has become especially interested in the varied street-music of Indian cities, which he likes to call an “authentic urban folk-music“. Ashok Ranade received a thorough education as a classical singer and writes songs himself. He was the director of the music centre of the University of Mumbai, has worked as a researcher for the American Institute of Indian Studies, has had various positions in Indian colleges, has been a visiting professor in Europe and was for many years the head of the department of dramatic art and ethno-musicology at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. During this time his open and precise analysis of the Indian tradition was a great stimulus for many inquisitive young Indian artists. Throughout his career he has received many grants and honours, like the Indian prize for the best music for drama. Especially notable among his contributions to drama are his music for “Tempt Me Not“ (1993) and “Rahile Door Ghar Maze“ (1995), and a notable contribution to an exhibition is his composition for “Discovery of India“ (Mumbai 1989). As a publicist Ashok Ranade has written standard works about Indian music like “Studies in Indian Ethnomusicology“ and is delighted to hold workshops.
Author: House of World Cultures


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