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May 28, 2003
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Michela Lucenti
Michela Lucenti and Alessandro Berti - LŽImpasto Theatre Company


The Body has an Ethical Value.

Article by choreographer and dancer Michela Lucenti, edited by Annika Salomonsson

"The body has the responsibility of incarnating" writes dancer and choreographer Michela Lucenti who despite a varied and busy career has vowed to not forget the necesssity of dancing every day. If we do not realize the importance of creating situations that help us grow every day as men and women , what can our dance be about? This is the ethical duty of the dancing body.
I trained as a dancer with Pina Bausch and as an actress at the National Theatre Academy. It was though my work experience with Jerzy Grotowski on physical actions and singing that I started to reflect creatively and started working as a choreographer and director. In 1995 I founded the company LŽImpasto with director, playwright and actor Alessandro Berti; a significant encounter for future collaborations.
My working method is based on the building of physical actions in emptiness based on an analysis of a particular relation. My dance has two main peculiarities; the first is to search for a ?contact? that travels in space (the physical contact between two bodies for me always hides a true intention, instead I search for the embedded meaning in the action); the second is that every movement allows for the possibility of vocal emission. I work on the creation of a cappella chants, the dancers often sing while dancing and I do as well, along with them.
All the actors and dancers that lend themselves to my working style must be prepare themselves for a long physical training process that helps them to face this type of particular exertion. The chants that I compose vary in nature: they are often of a ethnic nature ( many of the harmonies come from my American Indian background)sometimes from sacred rituals, or old Italian traditional music ( from Lombardia, Sardegna , Naples etc )and they are often "bordoni" with three or four notes sung by many voices. My musical work is based both on rhythmic and melodic compositions.
I like to work in empty spaces that contain only a few material elements; in LŽAgenda di Seattle we danced on an expanse of dry corn, in Il Quartiere all of the actions take place on a thick layer of earth, in Il Corpo Sociale at a certain point in the dance there is a shower of water that covers the entire stage. I like for the actors to be able to achieve ample movements and I usually work with large casts. Presently the ensemble I work with includes 10 dancers but I have worked with a group of forty dancers. My main interest is not to create dance in relation to architecture or visual arts though I can say that I create "visions"; rather the main object of my study is man and his way of establishing relations with others and with his environment. The artistic arrangement is accompanied by a strong sense of ethics.
LŽImpasto moves in a nomadic way , almost like a circus from city to city and I often construct my shows "on the road" challenged by travel and site specifics. In this way the group is forced to speak , interact and observe in a realistic and true fashion which contributes to the creative process and results. It is important that dance accepts the fundamental challenge of speaking to and for the world and people.
Author: Michela Lucenti


Michela Lucenti received rigourous training with dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch and trained as an actresss at the National Academy of Theatre. Together with Alessandro Berti she founded the company LŽImpasto. Apart form her work as choreographer, singer and actress, Ms.Lucenti also teaches her trade. She lives and works in Italy.


MICE The Desert

Production / Performance,
A performance created by Michela Lucenti within the platform SEAS. MICE The Desert is based on a post-apocalyptic scenario, set in an empty space covered with white sand. It features a species of human-mice as an extreme image of humansŽ insatiable desire to explore. It is a ritual-like story in images, poetry, and theatrical action, searching for a glimpse on reality. MICE-The Desert is part of SEAS Events 2004 to take place in Klaipeda (Lithuania), Kaliningrad/Svetlogorsk (Russsia), Riga/Liepaja (Latvia) and Gdansk (Poland) in July-September.

La Morte di Danton ( DantonŽs death )

Production / Performance,
Work in progress with director Aleksandar Popovski

Il Corpo Sociale

Production / Performance,
Part of a larger shoow called Psicoshow in collaboration with Alessandro Berti


Film / TV,
Videofilm produced by TTV Riccione


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SEAS Events 2004


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