Dragan Andjelic

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conflict, heaven, love, mysticism, transformation
Visual Arts (drawing, painting)
Europe, Southern
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August 21, 2003
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Dragan Andjelic
Dragan Andjelic


Spiritual Resolve

Based in Osijek, Croatia, Dragan Andjelic is a painter whose works deal with post-conflict disturbance through spirituality and transformation.
‘Imagination and reality, inner dialogues, everyday faces passing by without us noticing, religion and the spiritual, love and hate, the philosophy of dualism: this is what intrigues me.’

Dragan Andjelic is a talented artist based in Osijek, Croatia. No less a critic than Sir Tom Stoppard has described him as ‘a painter with a natural gift and a receptive imagination, producing a remarkable variety of intriguing work’. His works surmount post-conflict disturbance through spirituality and transformation.

Artist in residence for the 1999 Norwich and Norfolk Festival and for the City of London Festival in 2002, Andjelic has participated in many exhibitions across the UK. For the latter, a project partly funded by Visiting Arts, he was commissioned to paint twelve angels and produced iconic images which formed the inspiration for a parallel series of twelve poems by the Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis. Together the paintings and poems bound together a varied programme of concerts held at twelve churches in London designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The festival culminated with a display of all twelve of Andjelic´s angels, which provided a visual counterpart to the sounding of hope and optimism within the final evening’s performance of Benjamin Britten´s ‘War Requiem’.

The City of London Festival was not the first time Andjelic’s work has been associated with music. In 1998, he presented his work at the Spitz Gallery in London for what was the Pavarotti Music Centre’s first international exhibition. The centre is an organisation promoting reconciliation through cultural activities, primarily music but the visual arts too, and has young people coming to it from all over Mostar and from across Bosnia Hercegovina, to nurture cooperation across the Bosnian ethnic divide. The construction and operation of the centre is in turn a project set up by the aid charity War Child Music.

Andjelic is currently working on a large format graphic print on the theme of Judgment Day and on paintings and drawings inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. His ‘Angels’ are currently touring London’s cathedrals and churches.


Dragan Andjelic is based in Osijek, Croatia. He has exhibited widely throughout the UK as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Exhibition / Installation,
2003 St Mary-at-Hill, London 2002 St Paul’s Cathedral, London 2002 St Edmund King and Martyr, London 2000 North house Gallery, Manningtree 1999 Norwich Cathedral, Norwich 1998 Spitz Gallery, London 1997 Pavarotti Centre, Mostar, BiH 1997 British Council, Sarajevo, BiH 1997 Permanent installation for the Pavarotti Music Centre, Mostar, BiH 1996 Galerija Most, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia



2002 Artist in residence, City of London Festival
1999 Artist in residence, Norwich and Norfolk Festival



Images of Dragan Andjelic’s works


The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts´ website with information about the City of London Festival 2002


The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts´ website with information about the City of London Festival 2002

Dragan Andjelic

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