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October 9, 2003
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Shirish Korde


The composer Shirish Korde was born in Uganda but comes from an Indian family. He first studied jazz and composition at the Berklee College of music then at the New England Conservatory. From 1973-76 he studied ethnomusicology, specialising in India and Africa, at Brown University on Rhode Island. Shirish Korde´s compositions are notable for integrating and synthesising diverse musical styles into highly complex, expressive layers. He is one of the few contemporary composers who has been intensely involved in non-European music, jazz and computer-sounds. Among his best known works are: Tenderness of Cranes, Time Grids, Constellations for Saxophone Quartet, The Chamber Concerto and Drowned Woman of the Sky. He has composed five great works for music-theatre: Chitra, Rasa, Bhima´s Journey, The Separate Prison, a jazz opera and The Conquistadors. All these works are notably influenced by Asian musical and dramatic forms, especially Balinese gamelan music, north-Indian tala, Japanese shakuhachi music, jazz and computers. Besides writing classical music, he has written works for jazz ensemble, including the opera ´The Separate Prison´ for actors, singers and jazz quintet as well as Jazz Songs for jazz singers and a small ensemble - a work based on texts by Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Alice Walker. Shirish Korde is a professor and head of the music department at the Holy Cross College in Massachusetts.
Author: House of World Cultures


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