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July 9, 2003
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Singaporean master compositions

Mark Chan is one of the foremost composers and performers in Singapore.

Over the past three years, Mark Chan has devoted most of his time and energy to composing, producing and writing. His work includes 7 solo albums, which include both pop and then, more recently, world music offerings developing his distinctive sound which incorporates both traditional and modern elements, Asian as well as Western instruments.
Mark Chan is a composer, recording artist, singer, flautist, guitarist, poet and painter. With 7 albums, countless TV and theatre compositions, stage performances and awards to his name, Mark Chan is truly unique in Singapore.

The last three albums are a blend of Eastern and Western sounds, fusing a range of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, and Indian elements with a modern international sensibility.

Singaporean composer Mark Chan with a Southeast Asian ensemble performs Chan´s specially written music live to one of the great silent movies from Asia. Little Toys (1933) takes us through Shanghai´s rise and decline. Ruan Lingyu, China´s Greta Garbo, as the leading lady makes sure that we don´t leave the cinema without shedding a tear or two.

In his own words: "My music is Chinese, yes, Asian, yes, in that I am an inheritor of a spiritual and aesthetic tradition that attempts to reconnect man with Nature. But my music is very much Singaporean too. I am a modern man, I live in the real world.

I think not just in Chinese, but also in Malay, and even more in English. I have to deal with modernity, greed, racism, politics, post-modernism, global warming, post-colonialism.

My work tries to heal the shattered bonds that noise, modernisation and greed have broken and dismissed as old-fashioned . I am never happier than when I am walking in starlight, sitting in the shade, sleeping by the sea, discovered in my work.

We are connected back to ourselves and thus to God (call him what you will) when we remember our place in the world. My music, my writings, are like bridges, reminders of where we should return...If we can".
Author: Karin Bergquist


Mark Chan was born in 1963 in China.

For 10 years Chan was composer-in-Residence at TheatreWorks Singapore and was the main music director and co-composer for the Japan Foundation production Lear.

He has also worked in television scoring, including National Geographic, has represented Singapore in various music song-writing competitions and has written and produced for some of Asia´s pop luminaries, such as Tracy Huang and Andy Lau.


´Little Toys´

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Music to the film ´Little Toys´

Travelling Under the Light of the Full Moon

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Nature Boy

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The Other Actor

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China Blue

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