Mikael Lundberg

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language, media, time, urbanity
Media Arts (education, Internet, multi media installation)
Visual Arts (object, photography)
Europe, Nordic
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July 28, 2003
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New Perspectives

A scientific artist finds innovative angles

Lundberg is an experimental artist whose work studies and challenges traditional notions of time and movement. As artist in residence at the Chalmer School od Science and technology, Lundberg initiated a meeting ground between scientists and artists, opening up new territories for ideas, growth and collaboration.
When artist Mikael Lundberg shares his embryonic ideas with researchers and students, his artistic methods of working and discovery take on a whole new dimension.
This union of art and technology can lead to the design and development of future-oriented products, systems and environments in the world of industry.
But Lundberg does not limit himself to this appoach. His work includes experimenting with the ideas and concept of time and space. One example of this is Lundberg´s
" Language Generator" , based on the idea to comprime everything ever written to a new entity. This art piece was contructed on a computerprogramme that captures qualities and essence of greater quantities of text , transfer these qualities and generate a new text which represents the greater text.The result is a text that is created on screen at the same time as being read by a speech synthesis programme.
In another experiment of time and space, Lundberg filmed the train journey between Gothenbuurg and Stockholm from a fast speed train and presented the video as part of the project "Tidsdokumentet" or The Time Document. Says Lundberg: " I filmed from four different angles and to both sides representing past time, future and different perspectives on current time." Lundberg then compressed the footage of the journey that in real time takes over three hours to 3 minutess and 40 seconds.
Mikael Lundberg takes the relation between artifacts, people and time to another level of artistic inspection. In " Lifetime" a simple yet precise piece , the artist created a digital clock that counts the remaining lifetime of the artist himself. Time transforms from constant flow to systematically lawabiding, yet persistantly and permanently unavoidable. Despite of workign with time as a symbol and encapturating it in his art or actualy capturing time is a conceptual manner , Lundbergs art captures humanities inherent hope and fear of the future and the past.
Mikael Lundberg is co-operating with Davide Grassi, Slovenia/Italy, on the project aVcom within the platform SEAS. aVcom will be presented in the framework of SEAS Events 2004.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Mikael Lundberg was born in Lövö in Sweden 1952. He studied at the Academy of Art in Stockholm in 1979-85.
Today, Lundberg lives in Stockholm and on the island of Gotland.



Exhibition / Installation,
A project by Davide Grassi and Mikael Lundberg (Sweden) within the platform SEAS. aV com documents the authors´ visit to six Baltic coast cities in a compressed audio/video + GPS format. The project maps contemporary social landscapes through observing cultural, economic, historical and geographical specifics. AVcom is a frenetic overflow of information, which reflects the central theme of the European project. aV Com was part of SEAS Events 2004 and SEAS/Second Wave 2005.


Artist in Residence at Innovative Design at Chalmers School of Science and Technology in Gothenburg


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Exhibition at Gallery Charlotte Lund in 2000

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