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Bucharest, Sibiu
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February 20, 2006
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Dan Perjovschi


Dan Perjovschi

Perjovschi uses cartoons and comic illustration to comment on and satirize current social and political issues. His works vary in form from low budget photocopied pamphlets for high circulation to large scale installations.
Dan Perjovschi was born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania. He currently lives and works in Bucharest and is one of the country’s key contemporary and conceptual artists. Described as a ‘post-communist, post-modernist artist’ his drawing, writing, painting, performance and installation offer a social and political commentary on the flux of modern day Romania.
Romania’s political history is pervasive in Dan Perjovschi’s work. During Nicola Ceausescu’s repressive totalitarian rule (1965 – 1989) the country’s cultural study and practise was limited to subjects that did not contest the ideology of the regime; that were non-progressive, non-contemporary. Development did not follow that of the West and any outside information was generally forbidden. Perchovschi’s works acknowledge and critique Romania’s current consciousness; still heavily under influence of its communist past and the stranglehold of its conservative social conditioning:
‘.. providing visual witness to how heterogeneous population collectively grapples with a shared homogeneous past in the reconstruction of the present-future. Perjovschi has actively engaged visual social commentaries for the purpose of producing political change creating a public dialogue where the act of making anything public still remains in question’.
Dr Kristine Stiles After the Wall – Art and Culture in Post Communist Europe, Moderna Museet Stockholm, 1999
Following the execution of Ceausescu and the fall of communism in 1989 he and Lia Perjovschi began travelling, collecting information and exhibiting their work. They later founded ‘The Contemporary Art Archive’ (CAA) in 1990. This quickly became an important atelier and archive for artists eager to source information. The CAA’s objective was to disseminate cheap publications, house lectures and performances and archive catalogues and films that had hitherto been unavailable:
‘The archive is not just to see Matthew Barney. But to make sense of how come this guy appeared, to see what he’s doing, it’s not like he came out of the blue. It was very interesting, because this kind of platform around us was missing, so we tried to do it small scale, in a way, with our own money. It was a decision.’
Dan Perjovschi. Interview with Farris Wahbeh December 2003 source: www.artic.edu
Since 1992 Perjovschi has contributed to weekly paper ‘22’ – so named after the fall of Ceausescu on 22 December 1989. ‘22’ serves as Bucharest’s mainstay opposition paper in a media climate still dominated by former Securitat journalists with communist and nationalistic leanings. Perjovschi executes spontaneous drawings for the paper based on current events. During Manifesta 2 this concept was developed into a visual diary and exhibition as a result of a similar collaboration with two Luxembourg newspapers.
Perjovschi was Artist in Residence at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festivals in 2004 as part of a Visiting Arts project. For this residency he mixed with performers and the viewing public producing a free newspaper and daily panels of his drawings in response to the festival´s culture and debates. Panels were installed throughout the city – in reference to communist era news reports pasted onto factory walls. One such sketch during this series depicts various personal possessions. A credit card and festival programme were specifically annotated and ‘Obligatory Elements’ was written above it making reference to the festival’s commercialism.
Perjovschi uses drawing as performance and installation. Functioning as ‘public art’ he actively circulates ideas within society – conducting a running commentary on socially and politically prevalent issues. Closer in context to satirical cartoon than to traditional drawing his works serve as a medium through which he can broach political, economic and artistic subjects and a desire for societal change. In one playfully critical example he draws a man with holes in his head standing beneath a bathroom showerhead. He looks up at the shower expectantly but no water flows from it. Dissociating drawing from its traditional decorative or expressive labelling, his work is a temporal, anthropological and fast paced performance. The work concerns the artist’s daily intervention with his immediate environment and the world and his spontaneous drawing in response:
‘Even when covering the walls and floors of a building, such drawings are meant to be erased. It is the flux and progress of the cartoon which is important, and in order to be continued this must be ephemeral.’
Judit Angel ‘Report II’, rESt, 48 Venice Biennial, Romanian Pavilion, 1999
Perjovschi’s work, particularly extensive pieces that comprise hundreds of tiny drawings have been exhibited internationally since the mid 90s, including the 48th Venice Bienale 1995, Manifesta 2 in Luxembourg, 9th Istanbul Biennial 2005 and prominent international galleries and institutions that include Hamburger Banhoff, Berlin; Chicago Museum of Modern Art; Raum fur Kunst, Graz; and Moderna Museet, Stockholm. The artist has recently participated in a group exhibition ‘I Still Believe in Miracles, Dessins Sans Papier’ at ARC - Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and ‘Naked Drawings’ a solo show at Ludwig Museum, Koln.
Author: Cate Rickards


Born: 1961 Sibiu, Romania
Editor "22" Magazine Bucharest
Guest editor Idea-Art and Society Cluj
Living and working in Bucharest

Dan Perjovschi is represented by Gregor Podnar Gallery Lublijana and Lombrad Freid Projects New York.



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Published Written
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Fellowships/Artist in Residence/Awards:
2004 George Maciunas Prize
2004 Artist to Artist, Visiting Arts & Henry Moore Foundation Grant Glasgow; Artist in residence Collective Gallery Edinburgh
2003 Artist in residence Kokerei Zollverein, Zeitgenossische Kunst und Kritik, Essen
Visiting Professor & Artist in residence Ecole Superieure de Beaux Arts Marseille
2002 Henkel CEE Prize for Contemporary Drawing, Wien
1999 “Gheorghe Ursu” Human Rights Foundation Award, Bucharest
1999 Artist in residence IASPIS Stockholm
1997 Visiting professor & Artist in residence, Duke University North Carolina, USA
1995 ArtsLink Fellowship New York KulturKontakt Fellowship Wien
Artist in residence Franklin Furnace New York, USA
1994 MidAmerica Art Alliance/USIA Fellowship
1994 Artist in Residence, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA


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22 Magazine

22 Magazine, hailed as the ´opposition´ newspaper in Bucharest

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Naked Drawings, 2005
IBID Projects London, 2001