Canto Sur

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Roberto Amerise, Isabel Sciutto, Niclas Nyman, Törbjörn Righard, Mirella Pirskanen, Gonzalo Céspedes
emigration, exile, identity, multi-culturalism, tradition
Music (folk, fusion, tango)
America, South, Europe, Nordic
Argentina, Bolivia, Sweden
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June 12, 2003
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Folk and Fusion

South American Music is a music of mixed styles and influences, a music based on strong tradition and at the same time undergoing constant change. Canto Sur performs Argentinian folkmusic as well as traditional music from other South American countries. Lately, Canto Sur has also been influenced by local; that is Swedish folkmusic. Their music mirrors the meeting ground for all musicians and their traditions and background.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Canto Sur was formed in 1998 and recorded its first album in 1999. The group toured in Sweden for a few years before their successful tour in Argetina in 2001.
The group consists of Niclas Nyman who plays accordion and bandoneón, Torbjörn Righard on saxophone, marie Sandell on violin , Isabel Sciutto ; song and flute , Gonzalo Céspedes on a variety of indian panflutes and Roberto Amerise ; guitar who also acts as the groups producer. The first three mentioned come from a background of swedish folk music whereas the latter derive from traditional Argentinian and Bolivina music. Roberto Amerise bridges the two as he has since arriving to Sweden completed a degree in Swedish folkmusic at the Academy of Music in Malmö. Amerise composes much of Canto Sur´s material ; fusing Nordic and Argentinian folk.


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