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August 28, 2007
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an actors´ collective with a social agenda

This Flemish/Dutch performing company creates their own brand of socially engaged theatre.
In the year 2001 a group of actors graduating from the academy in Maastrict joined director Johan Simons at ZT Hollandia. Simons gave these actors the possibility to create performances autonomously, which they did for a number of years, calling themselves Jonghollandia. When Simons left ZT Hollandia to work in Ghent, the group followed him. They were already gaining a reputation and were now invited to produce at The Rotterdamse theatre in the Dutch port city. Their new situation prompted them to look for a new name. In a Ljubliana taxi, during the rehearsals for Everybody for Berlusconi, inspiration took the form of a scented tree hanging from the driver’s rear view mirror. Taking the name Wunderbaum, they contracted to create two performances a year, one in Rotterdam and one in Ghent.
This Dutch/Flemish group consists of a core group of five actors and one person who is an illustrator. They work without a director. They create their own texts on themes such as alcohol, violence, politics, asylum seekers or the anti-social behaviour of youth. The group often works site specifically. Collaborations are frequent, such as that with the band Kopna Kopna in Lost Chord Radio, the story of disaster struck town Los Alamos, New Mexico. This performance brought down the house when it visited the RedCat Theatre in Los Angeles.
Wunderbaum often performs outside their Dutch/Flemish home base, and have with success performed at festivals and theatres in the United States, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. They have also created one feature film called Maybe Sweden.
The actors in Wunderbaum are Marleen Scholten, Maartje Remmers, Wine Diericks, Matijs Jansen and Walter Bart and their designer is Maarten van Otterdijk.
Author: Edward Buffalo Bromberg


Magna Plaza

Production / Performance,
A theatre on location that anticipates directly on the surroundings of people in a shopping centre.

Welcome in my Backyard

Production / Performance,
Wunderbaum play a group people whom its backyard opens for uitgeprocedeerde asylum seekers, played by foreign amateurs from Rotterdam

Maybe Sweden

Film / TV,
A film which portrays the paradox of the multicultural society. Cooperation between scenario writer Margien Rogaar.

Everybody for Berlusconi

Production / Performance,
A show concerning power and manipulation together with Betontanc (Slovenia)

Lost Chord Radio

Production / Performance,
A performance with Wunderbaum and the music group Kopna Kopna portraying the eccentric citizens of a small New Mexico town


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